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When will i be in Ketosis??

Hi all, i hope you are all doing well on your diets :) .

I am sorry is this topic has been posted before but i haven't got the energy to look through all the threads,

So i am on day 3 of the diet ( i feel so proud, lol :p ) and i was just wondering when will i be in ketosis? I thought i would check tomrrow using my ketosis sticks, but i was wondering if anyone could give me a rough idea??

Thanks in advice for the help.

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im on day 4 and just did the ketostix thing, it didnt show up as negative but its on the first block that says trace....does that mean im on the way to ketoland?

Sorry didnt mean to hijack your thread....wanted to know the answer to this too :)
hey its around 3 or 4 days :)

have u any of the symptoms? feeling cold, not hungry now, ketosis breath?

I haven't noticed if i am feeling colder but i do have a horrible taste in my mouth and i have been told that my breath is very smelly ( i dont mind tho :p ), lol. I was getting abit of a headache but it went away after a went for a walk. I haven't felt much hunger and i can go for a long time bewteen sachets. :rolleyes:

I think i will test with my ketosis stix tmrw night. Or should i teat in the morning?? :confused:

Thanks for the help :hug99:

gg2007 - we can both share the thread, lol. I hope you find out if your in ketosis. :)



i love minimins me :)
i think u will be in ketosis then :) well done

i was on day 3, but ya could test on ya stick if it will help make ya mind up :D

gg2007 - yes u r into ketosis :)

well done - even a trace means its workin

Thanks hun..:)

Maybe_baby...thank you to xx (how about doing a test now, theres quite a few of those stick things in the pack, if u got the 50 pack)


To infinity and beyond!
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I think the best time to do a test in first thing in the morning, as your wee is more concentrated then. During the day, it will be more diluted as you will (hopefully) have been knocking back the water.
(how about doing a test now, theres quite a few of those stick things in the pack, if u got the 50 pack)
I only have 2 so i would rather test tmrw. I might start to buy my own tho. Well done for getting into ketosis. Hope the rest of the week goes well for you.

Stacey, thanks for the help :) . I think i will test tmrw, just to make sure that i am.

Hollycat, thank you for the tip :) , I really wasnt sure when to do it. I will do it in the morning and then probably again on day 5 or 6.

Does it have to be a pink colour to show ketosis? I dont have a colour bar thing or anything to compare it with.

Thanks guys :grouphugg: xx


Hi its me again
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hi maybe baby

I think i hit it about day 4/5. Got a manky taste in my mouth which only lasted about 2 days, but I check my ketosis levels and I am still there.

How have you been doing?

I am now on day 10.
Hi bindiboo :) , i think i am in ketosis now :bliss:

I did a test thing with my ketosis stick and it was a deep purple colour. I assuming this means that i am in ketosis but i am abit dehydrated :rolleyes: . So i am going to try and up my water inatke and try reach 4 litres a day. Its gona be tough.

But i am doing well. I stil have the nasty taste in my mouth and i felt really really hungry this morning, but that was probably beacuse i didnt have my milkshake at the usual time about 7/8ish. I wanted a lye-in but my body just wanted to awake up, lol.:rolleyes:

I hope you are doing ok! Well done for getting to day 10 :hug99: , i cant wait till i am in double figures, lol.

Hope you have a good day

Congrats on reaching ketoland hun!! xxx
Congrats on reaching ketoland hun!! xxx
Thank you :hug99: . I am so happy. I cant weight for the pounds to fall off, whooo.:bliss: (i like this smilie, lol)

I have been feeling really tired 2day tho. But that should pass in a few days.

How are you ding on the diet. I hope evrything is going well.:)

lol, i typed weight instead of wait, hehe. You can see whats on my mind all the time, lol !!

Your not the only one hun,i have been dreaming about everything cambridge diet related lol. Its all i seem to talk about!! (and i think im addicted to this forum) cant keep away lol

Im doing ok so far, am on day 5 now a bit naughty really i have only just had my first pack. (suprising for me, i wasnt feeling hungry) must be all the water that i drank. But things do seem to be working, i juts stepped on my scales and i have lost 10lbs:eek: . (my offical weigh in is not till monday) so that has given me a boost.

wooooooooooooooooooo! lol
10lbs, wow, you go girl :) . That must be an amazing feeling.

I am too confused about my scales because i weigh different on mine compared to counsellor and i cant remember what i weighed on mine on day one. I think i have maybe lost 2-4 lbs so far, which is ok i guess. I dont expect big weighlosses although they would be nice.:rolleyes:

I now what you mean about having sachets late. I seem to spread mine out too much. But my next one will be around 3ish.

I cant stop talking about the diet too, i think my family are getting abit sick of me now, lol. I cant stay away from here either. I like the support and all the advice and tips. Its also nice to help others aswell.

I hope you get through the day ok. Keep up the good work :)

I agree about the confusion about the scales, on my cdc's scales i was 8lbs heavier than on mine:confused: and my sis who is also doing the diet was also 8lb heavier on cdc scales than on her own.

Another reason why i think her scales are wrong is because she weighed me on carpet. The scales that she has, i also had them but had to send them back because they were faulty.

BUt i do know that the scales come extra carpet stablers, so you can wieght on carpet. Which were not on the scales when i stepped on. So if i went according to the cdc scales then i would be 18lbs lighter.:confused:

but i honestly dont think that it was my correct weight she weighed me at, when i go on monday i will make sure im weighted on flat surface.
i think the confusion over scales is so annoying because you dont know how you're really doing and you question your weight loss.

I know i weighed more than i usually do on CDCs scales because i i wsas fully clothed (obviously, lol) and i had my light flat pumps on. At home i like to weigh myslef without most my clothes and no shoes.

I think you should defo get weighed on a flat surface otherwise the weight dislayed is completely wrong.

But still, well done with the 10lbs :)

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