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When will "inch loss" turn into "pound loss"?

I was a size 18/20 in February. Since joining Atkins again, I've lost about 10 pounds, and feel good, but I seem to have stalled at 183. Some days 180, some days 185... but the pair of size 16 jeans I have are falling off my butt, when I wasn't even able to get them zipped 3 weeks ago.

Don't get me wrong... I like loosing inches, but I don't get it! How long will it keep up before the pounds start matching the inches?

I'm being good about avoiding carbs, although I worry that perhaps I'm eating too much in general (waiting for that appetite suppression thing to kick in...). Probably not enough water too.

Anyone else loosing lots of inches but not a lot of pounds?
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if you're losing inches, why worry about the pounds love

Are you on any meds at all, they can cause a problem I've heard.
Thanks Jim.

No, no meds at all (other than a bit of antihistamine for the pollen). I know I shouldn't worry about it, it's just weird. I didn't take a tape measure to myself before I started, I'm only going by the clothes... I was so happy to fit a size 16 at all as it's been years! Not just one brand, either - my mother in law gave me some M&S 16 jeans and some Next 16 jeans and trousers and I can wear them all.

It's just a psychological thing - I want the numbers on the scale to drop too. I feel like it will be the last time I see those particular numbers... I don't plan on hitting this size again. It feels like a stall but it's not?

I'd love to see a big "whoosh" and have my weight match my size, but I guess I have to be patient :) I'm scared to try on any clothes in case I'm just imagining this... what if I just stretched these jeans? How could they be baggy?
I'm sure you haven't stretched the jeans and stuff love, and if you try other clothes I'm sure they will fit as well.

How long have you been this weight? I have known stalls go on for a month or more love.
Well, the scale finally moved!

Yesterday, I had pork chops and mushrooms/greens for breakfast and again as a late lunch. Then I was really busy, and didn't get hungry again until after 11pm, so I didn't worry about eating and just went to bed.

Whoosh... down to 178! YAY!!!

It could be so many things. I've been having Mirena-induced TOTM problems, I could be eating too much (portions too big?), not enough water. But as inches were coming off, I figured something was still working!

I found a picture of me I really liked of me at about 150 pounds - that's what I'm going to aspire to. It's not that far away now!
Thanks for the support guys - I really appreciate it!
YAY! good for you love, I'm pleased that it finally happened. :)

Just goes to show that sticking with it works love.

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