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When you start 790 is it ok to not have as many drinks and soups?

I know you are meant to keep on having all you packets and a meal but its too much for me!

I'm 6ft so I am on 4 packs a day, I am now on day 9 and started last night on 790.

I just can't eat 4 sachets and a meal, so i'm having one drink for brekkie, 1 drink for lunch and the meal in the evening...

Is that bad? Will it affect my steps (back to "recovery") once i shed the weight i want to?
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On 790 everyone must have THREE packs per day. Even men and women 5'8" and over.

So relax you are doing the right thing.

Do you have a copy of the yellow weight care booklet?



Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Hi Maia,

On the 790 programme you only need to have 3 packs a day with the meal. If you have 4 packs you would be on approximatly 928 calories.

You must have all 3 packs and the meal or you day will not be nutritionally complete.

I always say to people finding it difficult to fit all there packs in to have them an hour or two earlier then they usually would, if that helps.

I know from personal experience on SS and having my first shake at 10 or 11am. That is to late when I started 790cals and started having them at 8am or 9am instead.

Yellow care booklet?

I must admit I don't know much about the yellow care book or any book for that matter! My CDS did not explain in huge detail...

I agree about the timing, thanks for that advice, i do tend to have my morning shake around 9/9.30 and then my lunch soup, but then i come home and have my dinner and i fall asleep after that!

I shall try harder!


Hi Linda

I have just emailed you. No i have no booklets whatsoever. When my CDC came the other week I think she was out of the basic booklets so she explained everything to me briefly and said she would tryand get me a SS bboklet for next time! one of my best friend has been doing CD for the last 3 weeks and she has gone through SS and is now on 790, so her explanations and support have been great!
:break_diet: :break_diet: :break_diet:

:wave_cry: Maia

good idea

that sounds like a good idea actually, but don't you feel really full after a plate of food a few hours before? I'm constantly full, mosty of water!
hey maia!

Email me the booklet sweetie and I'll call you tonight.

ps...I am in love with cottage cheese!! I'm gonna buy them one tub at a time or else I just eat it all!!!
no probs

Cottage cheese is brilliant.... way before i ever though of diet i already lovedit but when we are off CD i'll show you how to really enjoy cottage hceese (e.g with a bit of olive oil, bits of olive, bits of tomatoes and onion... YUM)

will email booklet now, but i think its the one you already have! Leaving work now, call you when home!


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