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Ive been wondering the same, then put a load out this morning for charity and put some on ebay, ive decided if its not there Ill have to keep it off or ill have to go out naked lol :)


Here we go again!
Got a bag full already to take to the charity shop. I think if you get rid of them then you are less likely to put the weight back on cos you know you'll not have a thing to wear if you do!


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Yep - i actually got rid of a whole black bin bag full the other day! My dad asked what i was doing and i said getting rid of clothes that are now too bigh - and he actually high fived me and said well done! That was a first!! lol

But yep defo get rid of them honey!
My jeans are now too big - iv got a belt on with them but i think couple of weeks and i can wear my smaller size ones again!!! :D


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Im glad this has been posted because I was thinking about this. I have always saved them when I have lost weight before but I am so determined to lose this weight that they are going on ebay or charity shop yeah !!!! So I bought a pair of jeans and a top in a size smaller and I have got them to give me inspiration and keep me going x x


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I sold some on ebay and I have two bin bags full ready to take to charity,definately not keeping them as I know when my smaller clothes may get too tight it's time to watch what i'm eating again,hopefully they'll never be too tight again lol x


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I'm going to keep one pair of my biggest jeans and stick it on the wall :D.

It's best to not keep your old clothes because if you do start gaining weight, you have no choice but to stick to the plan and get back into those tiny clothes of yours :D


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Id get rid of them too!!

I havent went and bought new clothes yet and have been walking around in my size 16 jeans and they wont stay up! lol defo going tomorrow to get some new stuff :)
Yep, I agree - get rid - eBay or charity. If they're in your wardrobe, they're available if weight starts to creep back on and you don't notice so much. If you've not got any "fat" clothes then you're made aware quite quickly if you start to regain and you can sort it out while it's just a few pounds and fairly easy.
How great that your clothes are now too big!!


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I have kept 1 pair of jeans so that I can do a Lipotrim advert haha.. !
The rest I have put in the charity bag.


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S: 18st0lb C: 15st4lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 39.1 Loss: 2st10lb(15.08%)
Hiya, as soon as they no longer fit I got rid as I have a tendency to buy clothes and 'slim' into them I have a lot fo brand new stuff which is now to big so have sold them on ebay, also I'm planning to have a carboot sale when the weather gets a bit warmer to get rid of things that i'm not to happy with selling on ebay

Agree with everyone, definitely get rid of them, as the old saying goes "out with the old and in with the new".
I am going to sell the new big clothes on Ebay that I havent worn, charity shop for the ones that I wouldnt sell, and for all the old worn out clothes, I think a celebratory bonfire at target with a glass of chilled white wine wearing my smallest newest clothes will be the order of the day. What a fantastic day it will be.


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stick em on ebay !!!!


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Ive stuck the best on ebay and the rest ive put out for charity.Ive also saved my work trousers just to show me how far ive come.Every so often i try them on and have a good giggle and get my bf 13 year old to get in with me-Its sooo funny ill have to take a photo lol



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Lol all the charity shops are guna b stuffed with oversized clothes from our chubbier days!

they will be closin the doors quick when they see us all stampedng down the street, bags in hand!!


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I'm about to drop a jean size and wondered what people do with their "too big" clothes.

Do you keep them just in case you put the weight back on or do you put them out to charity ?


Charity, but keep a pair of your largest trousers/or skirt just to compare and to remind you of what used to be, you'll be gobsmacked. I've kept the pair of jeans which area shown in my signature for this reason

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