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When your spouse is fit...

...and you're not. I am not obese. I know my husband loves me. But it's hard, in many ways, having a fit, toned spouse. I feel like in public, people wonder why he's with me when he could have a "hotter" (aka, thinner) wife. I am a relatively confident person, and I don't look down on myself much. I generally give very little thought to what the public might think. But I do get scared sometimes, when I'm having a bad day, that he'll leave me for someone who is more attractive.

Does anyone else struggle with this?
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I wish! I love my DH (mostly) but Jude Law he aint:(

Sweetie, he married YOU not a lycra clad, orange tinged size zero because YOU were the one he wanted.;)

Real question is ....

Do YOU want to get fit? If so ask him to help you - I'm sure he would.:D

He would probably be upset to know that you are worried about something and not sharing it with him too:rolleyes:
You're right, of course. These are things I know with my heart, but MAN, my head is good at messing with me. So I'm guessing I should avoid spandex and spray tans. lol

I suppose on some level I DO wonder if I'm good enough for him. I know it's dumb, and I'm not looking for a pity party-I know lots of women feel this way, too. It would probably flatter him if I asked him for training assistance, though, and I just might do that.
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I suppose it depends on what you were like when you got married! If you were slim to begin with and then put on loads of weight...might make a difference to how he felt about you :confused: not too sure on that one!

I like to keep within a certain weight now otherwise my OH would probably complain....and I wouldn't blame him, I find I disgust myself when looking in the mirror if I've put on a few pounds lol :D


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My Hubby Is Stick Thin And Handsome ,he Loves Me For Who I Am Not What I Look Like ,of Cause He Is Encouraging Me To Slim Down But Everyday He Txt Me With Some Wonderful Thought Last Night It Was What Ever You Think U Are My Shape And I Love You .he Wants Me To Do This For My Health Not For A Barbie Doll To Hang On His Arm .he Would Never Complain About Me Only Encourage To Do My Best .as To Wether I Ever Have Douts About Him Wanting Some Bimbo Of Cause But Then He Comes Home Or Txt And He Just Seems So Pleased To Be Home With Me And Kids Xx
My husband has never complained or given me reason to think he finds me disgusting, and I'm definitely not a big girl. I am an average, normal sized woman. He has just (unintentionally) set the bar so high! lol. He never makes me feel bad-it's my own neuroses. I just wondered if anyone else had this issue, too.
S: 22st3lb C: 21st8lb G: 14st7lb BMI: 44.6 Loss: 0st9lb(2.89%)
Have you talked to him about it sweetie - think that might be a good idea
You're right-I know I should. He's a good man, and he's not going to hurt my feelings or anything. I guess I'm a little embarassed. I don't want to point OUT my flaws, or make him think I don't trust him. I really do-it's just a tiny, nagging doubt. But you're absolutely right. I need to suck it up and get my feelings on the table.

Thanks to everyone who answered on this-I appreciate it.
Just enjoy him and stop worrying about it ;)
Men are infact a lot less aware of a woman's weight than she is.

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