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when your weigh in lets you down....

well, It was my 3rd weigh in today and I was left feeling very down. My boyfriend has just finshed the diet and I was expecting similar losses to him but this wasnt the case.

In 3 weeks he lost 24 lbs and I lost 13 even though I am heavier.:confused:

I was ready to give up until..... I tried on a dress I paid 200 euro for last june for my brothers wedding. At the time I couldnt wear it for the wedding because it didnt fit on the day,:cry:

now it looks lovely on :bliss:

If there was very inspiration there it is, suddenly reminded me what I had lost in just three weeks!!

(oh and I get to wear the dress this week to a work do)

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Just remember that men to tend to loose weight more quickly than us gals !

I am so glad that the dress has helped to re-inspire you

Good luck with the rest of your journey
Thats fab about the dress... I suppose we all just want the weight to magically disappear eh... but also i suppose it didnt appear magically either lol... the trick is to never compare yourself to others on this diet.. I lost five lbs in the first week, I have read here of people loosing a stone or more in the first week.... some people retain alot of fluid, depending on how much carbs they have eaten over time... some people loose inches, some people loose weight but no inches as their fat is on the inside! You have done really well, a stone is a great loss, and im sure you look fab in the dress... well done xxxx


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I know exactly how you are feeling, a couple of years ago my OH did CD with me, and I had to give up after 4 weeks because I was so frustrated that he would lose double what I did each week, and like you I had more to lose. I knew all the logic, but it still made me feel rubbish. But it is true, comparing yourself to anyone is impossible, and your losses have been great so far, as shown be getting in that dress. I hope you have a great night out and feel a million dollars. Hopefully that will give you the motivation to carry on :)
Cheers everybody :D

still delighted with myself.. haha


No longer a redhead though!
Nelly I notice that you lost 7 + 3 + 3 = 13lbs!

I lost 5 + 6 + 2 = 13lbs

I was disappointed in my first week, expecting to lose about 10lbs but the support and info on here helped me get through that. 2nd week was a little better and fine, but the third week eeeek only 2 BUT it is still a loss and it does seem that we average out a stone a month, so regardless of the week to week weighins we are both still on target for a stone in the last four weeks.

Runs around cheering and clapping.

Lisa x
I know, delighted to see your results Lisa it really does make you have more faith when you get a not so great result.

I know I shouldnt but I have been weighing myself at home loads and most weeks I have noticed a different but this week there is no moment yet at all and I am half way through the week! but it will be a case of if its not great to remember it will average out. :)

fingers crossed for you this week :D
Men tend to loose more weight than ladies as the shakes that men have are 100 calories more but (in general terms) mens metabolic rate is higher, hence the recomended 2,500 calories a day for men and 2,000 for women. Don't feel disapointed, feel proud that although you haven't lost as much as you hoped you've found inspiration elsewhere. It's not all about the weight, it's about how you feel when you look in the mirror, and by the sounds of it your doing really well and feeling that within yourself!

Not everyone's BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is the same. The calorie recomendations per day are only guidelines, some use more, some less. So this plays a contributing factor to what weight is lost, but unfortunetly there isn't a lot that you can do to change it.

The best motivation is when you can see the difference. After 3 weeks you can fit in a dress you really wanted to. Imagine what three more weeks will bring! :D

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