where am i going wrong?

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  1. mrs.c.t

    mrs.c.t Member

    ive been on total soloution for 5 weeks now and ive stuck to it 100% everyy day
    ive had my 3 packets (shake, bar, soup)
    atleast 2 litres normally 3 litres of water a day
    half hours excersize a day
    but for the last 3 weeks ive only lost 2lbs a week, i know a loss is a loss and should be counted as a plus the thing that is getting to me it if i carry on only loosing 2lbs a week i will only be loosing 8lbs a month instead of the stone that exante say you will loose?

    so ladies and gentleman i am very grateful for my losses dont get me wrong it just seems unfair that i am sticking 100% to this diet and loosing so little?
    help please xx
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  3. mrs.c.t

    mrs.c.t Member

    Any one? X
  4. ali28

    ali28 Silver Member

    Hi mrs c t!

    Exante does help you lose weight fast, however there's no guarantee to lose 1st per month, it's an average but unfortunately not everyone does.

    You say you're exercising, what are you doing, how long and how many days? With exante being a very low calorie diet doing exercise might actually slow your losses. Your body will be trying to hang on to your reserves so it has enough fuel for when your exercising. It sounds a bit backwards but 600cals is mega low, your body will be wondering where all the fuel has gone!

    Perhaps try cutting down, or leaving it altogether for a while? One of the other girls on the forum was following an exercise programme called The Shred, her loss completely stalled while she was doing that, but once she stopped it picked right up again!

    2lbs loss is still a loss, and its better off than on :D a lot of other diet programmes mean you'd only lose that a month, so 8lbs in a month is still over half a stone and that's something to be very proud of :D

    Hope you carry on and reach your goal whatever you decide to do :)

  5. Sage-femme

    Sage-femme Silver Member

    I agree, try a week without excercise or measure your inches as you may be losing fat but gaining muscle x
  6. Dolly1971

    Dolly1971 Full Member

    I read a lot of people who exercised on ts lost very little weight, they upped to ws and weight started to fall off them again. So either stay on ts and not exercise or move onto ws and exercise. Good luck.
  7. I too logged on here to ask this question.

    Ive started running (2 x beginners groups) so am 'running' about an hour twice a week.

    Do you think working solution would be better? I admit about 4 days out of 7 I'm having a shredded grilled chicken breast with my evenings carbonara (its lovely, try it!) to give me extra protein but for 2 weeks not my weight hasn't moved.

    I would appreciate any advice that's offered. Thanks in advance x

    Edited to add - if I'm having a chicken breast in my dinner 4 x a week, I'm close to ws anyway so what am I doing wrong? Do I need to have it daily with a little more (ie broccoli/salad etc?)
    i am really getting disheartened by this and really don't want to muck things up so really need your suggestions.
    Last edited: 17 February 2013
  8. mrs.c.t

    mrs.c.t Member

    Hi I do about 20 mins a day jogging or step,

    I'm glad some one else is having the same issues as me, weigh day for me is tomorrow and I'm so hoping I've done more then 2lbs this week!

    It's just a little disheartening when you go without everything and loose so little when others around you are doing the more conventional diets or slimming groups and loose more then you a week :-(
  9. fionapullan

    fionapullan Full Member

    So are we best not to exercise x
  10. mrs.c.t

    mrs.c.t Member

    Well I weighed in on Monday and have lost 5lb this week,
    I cut down on exercise and added a protein meal for 2 of the seven nights, I'm back to 100% t.s this week and will see how next Mondays weigh in goes!

    So it seems that exercise isn't always a good thing :-/
  11. Lisaberry

    Lisaberry Silver Member

    I've always found the same, even on SW....the weeks I did loads of exercise I wouldn't lose much compared to if I was a good old fashioned couch potato!
    im still taking the dog out every night but I'm not pushing it and going out of my way to exercise....don't need much of an excuse to veg out and watch Eastenders lol!
  12. mrs.c.t

    mrs.c.t Member

    It just seems wrong doesn't it lol like really naughty not to exercise whilst on a diet!

    But your right though I never need convincing to sit watching telly lol x
  13. fionapullan

    fionapullan Full Member

    How are you doing now mrs.c.t? Youve written up to week two but would love to know how far youve got x
  14. mrs.c.t

    mrs.c.t Member

    Hi I can't add more to my signature I don't think I've done enough posts but I've done a thread in weekly weigh ins showing my weekly losses

    I've lost 24lbs so far
    Started at 15st 4lbs and currently 13st 8lbs
    My losses went
    I weigh on a Monday so will update next week x
  15. martine125

    martine125 Full Member

    Well Done on those losses. I know it can be disheartening when you try hard and dont see big results but thats great 24lbs!!!
  16. mrs.c.t

    mrs.c.t Member

    Thank you, I know it's great really I think I might of gone mad if it was 2lbs again last week though lol x
  17. Getslimquick

    Getslimquick Been liberated by Exante!

    I dont thnk you are doing anything wrong at all. Weekly weighing just doesn't work for everyone. Try weighing monthly - you will see the differences more clearly. The less you have to lose the harder it gets. A stone a month dropped off when I was 17 stone to start but each month it was a bit less. The last month wa really tough, only about 10 pounds. But it all evens out over time, be patient and dont be a slave to the scales, they can seriously damage your mental health.

    Good luck

  18. It is really disheartening, you're right!
    This lack of loss is really getting me down :(
    Good luck with your losses though and I hope you find the right balance x

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