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Where are all the Thai Mug Shots?!


Never gets tired of SW!
Hi folks, to all the Mug Shots fans out there, my favourite flavour is the Thai one (purple packet) and recently they seem to have disappeared from the supermarket shelves in Swansea! Not even sold out, just not available!! Is this the case all over the blinkin UK because if so I'm making an official complaint!! I loved that flavour!!
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This is my favourite flavour too and I only have 3 packs left, was planning to go and re-stock at lunch time! I got some in Asda on Monday and they were 4 for £1.50. I eat at least one a day, love the thai flavour!

I actually wrote to them on Monday asking where I can bulk buy as my addiction is costing me a fortune - am yet to recieve a reply, will keep you posted!
I've never even seen them! I have only ever found sweet and sour, creamy cheese, chicken or tomato and herb flavour. Hmm, seems I've missed out completely now if they are off the shelves everywhere. :mad:


Never gets tired of SW!
Skinny Wannabe82 I'm hanging on your every word!! I'll be making a trip to Asda!! Seems promising though that you had some on Monday!! I'm talking a good 3 or 4 weeks since I've seen them in Tescos, Sainsburys or Morrisons!! If they're in our Asda, I'll be boycotting all the other supermarkets in protest!!X


Never gets tired of SW!
I'm TOTALLY not happy!! I just checked out Asda, Tesco and Sainsburys' online shopping and the Thai flavour has COMPLETELY vanished off the face of the earth!!! I just don't understand!! It must have been most peoples' favourites so why do this to us?!! I'm definitely writing to them now!! Maybe we could start a Minimins petition!!X
Seriously, I can't do this diet without Thai mugshots!! I will report back as soon as they reply - perhaps they won't if they have discontinued them, as I will not be happy!!

Got some in Morrisons at the weekend too.....not that I am too addicted or anything! Going to have a look online now, I might just do a mugshot shop for home delivery, ha ha!!


A sucker for a key change
I spent ages finding any mugshots in our morrisons a couple of days ago. In the end, I found 5 packs of the chicken ones shoved at the back of a shelf. I don't know if it is the current panic buying or so many people starting a January diet!
I've never even seen those ones but I went to Tesco tuesday and all the mugshots were sold out (tickets to say not available) and I panicked... I went back yesterday to get some other bits and low and behold the shelf was full again...

Hope your ones come back into stock asap, I couldn't do this diet without them either

Thai is my favourite flavour too, well it was until it disappeared off Morrison's shelf weeks ago..... sadly no other flavour comes anywhere near close!!! Has anyone managed to find anywhere that still sells it?


Never gets tired of SW!
Lulu that was a really old thread I started lol!! I have bought them in Morrisons and Asda since and recently Home Bargains which sell them the cheapest of everywhere at 34p each!X

Ladies ladies ladies, I went to ASDA (High Wycombe) last night and they are selling Thai Flavour Mug Shots, well they were until I purchase the whole shelf full!!!!! :D So try your local ASDA if you have one.....

Hahaha, what a blonde moment..... I just realised after I posted my second post that you had posted a post for me (confused yet); I think they call it a blonde moment, anyway, at least we all know that Thai Mug Shots are still available.... I'll go back into my corner now !! :D

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