where are my happy feelings that come with being on ketosis ?

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by XlosingitX, 30 May 2008 Social URL.

  1. XlosingitX

    XlosingitX Gold Member

    ok my happy feelings have gone awol i did have them for a few days but they have gone will they come back ?
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  3. mummypower

    mummypower Just call me Anne x

    Hopefully, sometimes our hormones sabotage the feel good factor, but don't lose heart, you're doing great! xx
  4. JoJo119

    JoJo119 Member

    I totally know what you mean. Your weight loss is fab though. I have just finished my fourth week and my emotions have been up and down.
    To cheer myself up I just think that this diet is tough and yet I have stuck to it. I try clothes on and can feel them getting loose.
  5. Miel

    Miel French Honey

    I had one day of feeling like skipping about, and did some much needed housework and now I'm easily tired and find basic things really hard work, like vacumming or mowing the grass. Still, can't have everything I suppose.
  6. XlosingitX

    XlosingitX Gold Member

    hey jojo its true we have to look for things to cheer our selves up i watched pranks on you tube last night made me laugh loads :)

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