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Where do you do your food shopping


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I was wondering where people do there food shopping?

I have been shopping at Morrison for the last couple of months. My shopping is costing me a fortune there is only me and my husband and my 2 and 1/2 year old little boy he is a nursery most of the so eats very little at home. Shopping has been cost around £95 a week :mad:.

Thanks x
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I shop at asda for me and my 4 children. Normally spend about £80 pw. I always do the comparison price check and my shopping is always cheaper than anywhere else. Morrisons and Sainsburys seem the dearest to what I buy x


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Anywhere I can get what i want as cheaply as possible... :) Though sometimes I'll bend my meals (and hence my shopping) based on what's reduced at the time. I have a simple edict at the moment - never pay full price for anything if i can at all help it (I'm unemployed). OK - so not working means i can spend a day a fortnight walking around the shops - but it has also meant that I've worked up the knowledge of where to go to get the staples I want/need the cheapest which will stand me in good stead once time becomes more limited (i.e. when i get back into work). Greengrocers for veg over the supermarkets, and the only meat/fish i buy is if it's been reduced and is freezable. Other then that - I'm always checking mysupermarket.com and have just been given supermarketspecialoffers.com/BOGOFs.aspx as another place to check.
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I go to lidl mostly, their fruit and veg is very reasonably priced as are other things that I use all the time such as chopped toms and passata. I buy their frozen chicken breasts and fish which are really nice :)
OMG, your food bill sounds massive!!
I shop at sainsburys and my bill comes to around £60, but £10 of that is always cat food.
I shop on-line as I find it saves a lot of money, I don't get tempted with all those 'bargins' I don't need on the end of each isle. You can also search for the best offers. i.e 3 for £10 on meats.
I think ASDA do similar and they delivery too x

PS.. that for me, other half and two cats!
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not being a promoter or anything but do a mock/fake shop at mysupermarket.co.uk if u havent already, tells you where the cheapest place to shop is for your usual shopup.

Asda, Lidl and Aldi are all great. Would definitely recommend Asda for the big shopup.

Also maybe go down one brand level.. aka if you use premium brands, use cheaper premium/supermarket special range instead.

Good luck!
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Hi there

We shop at Asda as we shopped at Tesco for about a year and it was costing me and OH about the same you are spending in a week. So over a few weeks we tried Tesco, Morrisons and Asda and Asda is definately the cheapest. We have got the bill down to about £50-60 a week from £80+. I always do the supermarket price check receipt thing to try and get vouchers too ;)
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Morrisons, and tesco both as cheap,
It is hard to shop around when you are busy but I find my local high street greengrocer sells really good quality fruit, veg and eggs for roughly half the price of tesco
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Asda,always found it to be cheaper and i prefer the taste of their own brand foods compared to the other supermarkets.


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Debated between Aldi/Lidl or Tesco. In the end I stuck with Tesco. The other day I compared a simple leek. €1.79 in Aldi, compared to .89 cent in Tesco. Quite the difference.
My shopping usually costs between 100 and 130 euro, depending on whether I need nappies or washing tablets and that sort of stuff. Although even Tesco has raised all their prices now. A glass tea-light holder, which was 50c 4 months ago, is now 99c. That's some increase!
Greengrocer's isn't much cheaper than Tesco for veg, and the butcher's isn't much cheaper for meat, so I just do it all in Tesco and am done with it.
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Wow wish my shopping bill was as low as some of you. I shop at waitrose because it is yards from our house. I use their own brands (essentials) on the whole, don't buy their ready meals unless massively reduced (and SW friendly! :) ), try to buy any joints of meat reduce - but do try to make sure pork and chicken are free range.

They price match a lot with Tesco but know they're on the whole a bit dearer but their own brand is good quality. We spend more when we go to Sainsburys because we're then tempted by the homeware, clothes, toys, books etc. there!

We also go to Lidl for things like parmesan, jarred peppers, olives, sun dried tomatoes and other med food that other supermarkets tend to charge the earth for! I'd say I'm £120 - £150 a week for a family of 4 including nappies, cat food and some booze!


I will do this!!!
is there any website that you can put in your shopping list and at the end it say asda is £..... tesco is £..... sainsburys is £..... then you can pick the cheapest shop and do it there??


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I shop in Sainsburys. It might not be the very cheapest but for what we buy, which is now lots of fresh ingredients I find it reasonable, and the fruit and veg and meat are very good quality. I did a similar shop in tesco the other day and found it was more expensive, with not as much choice in terms of salad stuff. Morrisons is good if you're buyign more pre-prepared stuff, and I do like their meat. We don't have an Asda nearby. I'd do online shops but our house is only accessible through a very small archway and the vans probably wouldn't be able to find it and then probably wouldn't fit!! Might have to try one week though.

An average shop for me, my husband and our cat is about £50-£55, including things like loo roll and cleaning stuff and cat food/cat litter. Some weeks are cheaper.


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is there any website that you can put in your shopping list and at the end it say asda is £..... tesco is £..... sainsburys is £..... then you can pick the cheapest shop and do it there??
www.mysupermarket.com does just that - compares Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys and Occado But sometimes their comparisons are "dodgy" - if you put something in from Tesco's own value range (say a tin of baked beans), the comparison for Asda will probably be a tin of Heinz - so does need to be treated with caution.


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I just thought I'd show you my SW lunch shopping that I did today. This will last me between 3 days and 2 weeks (depending on it's shelf life and how quickly I eat it). I think it's a bargain compared to the £5 a day plus I used to spend on lunch EVERY day!

From Aldi
Punnet of Plums
Big jar of Gherkins
Grapes snack pack
Cherry Tomatoes
Bag of Baking Potatoes
Bag of Apples (about 8)
Bag of lettuce/seasonal salad x 2
Butternut Squash x 2
Wholemeal rolls (6)

The total bill was £9.13 and the potatoes are going to last me a fortnight, the butternut squash is for dinners and the rolls will last til Friday.

Don't know if it helps but I thought I'd done really well. :)
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That looks like my summer lunch shopping list. When It's cold the salady stuff just doesn't appeal to me. I wish it did. I must look in the recipe section for something that might appeal.

And to get back on topic, I only really shop at Tesco because I don't have the time to shop around. I'd love to be able to get bargains from Aldi and Asda alongside my main shop at Tesco.
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we shop at lidl, aldi and homebargains!! If we need anything major we go to asda or tesco but only spend about £20 there a month! We have 4 adults and a 14 year old and we spend about £60 a week, sometimes £75 if we get the offers on the meats at asda/tesco. We find basically everything we need in aldi and lidl and it all tastes just as good as the big supermarkets!! xx
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I am a shopping whore lol

I shop where ever im passing..... Today it was Sainsburys :)
But i do buy bulk chicken and bacon from our meat man.........£40 chicken £20 on bacon lasts us the month plus veg from aldi normally and the rest from anywhere :)

Wee Doll

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i use tesco for the most of my shopping and try and get some reduced bargains in bulk when im in makro. Mainly sugar for baking and sweets of topping cupcakes but still if its damaged its reduced :)
I like using tesco cause i like getting my points to get my money off vouchers. I have £35 in vouchers accrued since they last got delivered a few months ago :) looking at it ... its scary thinking i spenf £3.5k in tesco but i do buy alot of flour and baking stuff from there specially unsalted butter as its cheapest there :)