Where has my motivation gone?

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Sarra, 18 January 2008 Social URL.

  1. Sarra

    Sarra Member

    I did LL last year and was really happy with what I lost - then one thing led to another and I've put some (not all) back on. So this year, I bit the bullet again and decided to do the CD. Just can't get on it though, I get to day 3 and fall off big style! Didn't even make it past day 1 today!

    I want it so badly but just can't find the switch in my head!

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  3. Time4ME

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    Why dont you re-list your goals???? You'll probably find that the one's you had when you started are now different as you have managed to lose the bulk of your weight so some things that were important no longer are coz you can achieve them.

    Good luck xxx
  4. ninababes

    ninababes Gold Member

    Oh hunny i know exactly how you feel yesterday my motivation i could feel it being sapped out of me like a dripping tap and i felt thoroughly pathetic but today is another day and i feel wonderful and ive told myself i'm doing this and i'm doing it for ME. You CAN do this hun coz you've done it before which i think makes it all that wore because you know you can do it so its a higher expectation of yourself that you didnt have first time round. Big hugs hun you CAN DO THIS!!!!!
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    Hi there

    How about closing your eyes and remembering how good it felt when you were losing weight before, those great moments at your WI, shrinking down the dress sizes, liking what you saw in the mirror etc etc. Make it as vivid as you can and hold on to it and try and bring those feelings back when you feel tempted.

    Keep on trying hun as it aint over until you stop trying.

  6. Sarra

    Sarra Member

    Thanks, just need to take it day by day I think. Because I know what the end result is I've focussed on that and getting there seems such a long way off. I'll do it, just need to do the first week and I'll be on my way!
  7. mustdoit

    mustdoit susan

    i think my motivation and your motivation must have gone out for the day !!! hugs to you
  8. corinne_j

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    Yep I agree with taking it day by day - I had one day last week when I could have quite easily eaten the contents of my kitchen lol - I managed to resist, and woke up the next day feeling fine again and full of motivation...I know if I had have given in to temptation that would have been the beginning of a very slippery slope!

    Stick at it x

    Corinne x
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