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Where have you been hiding?!

Hi all,

I can't believe I've only just found this site what a little haven! Started the Cambridge on SS for the second time around! First week done & dusted along with the first stone! Which I can't quite believe - but not complaining well chuffed! Found day 5 a bit of a mission, which is random but the weather was gorge & the girlies were over drinking which is always a toughie but everything is mind over matter and about long term goals not short term gains, need to remember that is those situations! I've been doing x3 shakes instead of 4 which is probably why I've lost a lot this week because I'm 5'11! This is really motivational too, been having a nosey reading all of your posts! Good luck & keep up the good work..

Stacey X
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Hello stacy me too am on a restart it's so hard today dont know why I lost 14lbs this week just hope I can last till week 12 I need this and welcome x
charleypolequeen said:
Hello stacy me too am on a restart it's so hard today dont know why I lost 14lbs this week just hope I can last till week 12 I need this and welcome x
Thankyou!! You can last it out, I think this whole thing all boils down to how much you want that end result! Done it once and I'm confident it doing it all again but the mental torture is unbearable at times so I get that! Well done us in the stone a week club ;) x
Incentive #57398439 I've just booked my flights for our holiday away during Christmas! Whoop, feeling very positive today and without wishing time away I can't wait!

Can't remember feeling like this the first time around 3 years ago, which is weird because I lost 5 stone then & had a healthy BMI! Talking of BMI, I personally think it's a load of crap! With different charts & companies & websites etc all BMI's are contrasting, why can't there be a universal BMI that sticks and has the correct information. Secondly, at 20.00 according to my BMI which is the lowest part of a 'healthy weight' I would be about 10 stone, which is ridiculous because I'm 5'11, I was at 12 stone last time & I was a perfect weight, in actual fact some people said i looked too thin & gaunt (which is to be expected when you loose a load) so I could never imagine or would never want to be 10 stone carrying around this height! Has anyone else found the BMI slightly *understatement* inaccurate? Thirdly, well actually there is no thirdly Ha!
Wow this is so much harder when you've had no sleep for 2 nights :( my body is aching which is odd because I haven't been doing anything out of the ordinary, wonder if it's because I'm over tired or some new effect I haven't experienced on this! I have my first day & night off in nearly 2 weeks - time to sleep if I can!
P.s I'm not in the mood of cheating, I'm not going to cheat I'm bored of the repetitive vicious circle and I have absolute confidence (early days talk)! Time to sleep ...
agree with you on the BMI, but you have to remember that it is supposed to be a guide which is why the healthy range is quite big! the trouble is it makes assumptions on people having average bone/muscle weight. fat % is far more accurate for figuring out if people need to lose weight i think, although tbh, you can usually just tell from how you look and feel in yourself.
I also struggle with the whole BMI thing as I would like to be at 12st ideally or even 11.13! But according to the BMI that still puts me just overweight but I look pretty skinny at that weight. I don't think it has any allowance for any muscle.

Good luck and keep posting you sound very positive..
Yes I'm Glad we are all in agreement with that and I'm pleased it's not just me having a bias opinion ;) And I totally agree it's down to how you feel in yourself!

Just about to have my second shake instead of the coffee that I usually have right about now... Oooh, chocolate or chocolate mint - yum choices choices lol!
What the heck, I've had x2 shakes today and I actually don't want the third one! I've drowned myself with water and I feel like if I have another shake I will puke! I hope this doesn't effect my weight loss, never good to miss a shake but in this case I actually couldn't stomach it! Over & out night fellow fat fighta's!
Hey, it's quite late to be having your third shake, maybe try having the first one earlier so you've having them at more normal meal times? Then you'll find you're getting rather peckish when the next one is due.
Lol I know & I usually don't do that but because I work nights & days I don't get in until 11am so I don't usually have my shake until 12 or something! But it has been working well for me like that because it's usually the evenings I find hard!

It's absolutely pissing down today & when I find the diet easiest so I'm happy about that! Day #11 I'm coming to get you!
So... It's the very early hours of day #13 and I am shattered! Probably doesn't help that I'm at work but I do have the sleeping option but I actually can't sleep, I feel so restless! My body feels like I've put it through it's paces good & proper lol but I haven't actually done anything too strenuous!

I can't wait to see my CDC I'm in serious need of Fibre, haven't been to the toilet *ahem* (no aires and graces) for quite a few days which is obviously having a big effect on my weightloss & I'm finding it really uninspiring to say the least, I expect this on month two but not week two!

Wowzers, I've moaned a lot! Probably best I didn't update this now! End of rant, hope today is easier, yesterday I was starved all day!

Haha end of grumpy post.. Night! X
P.s On a v different note, has anyone tried the water flavourings? I'm getting bored of plain water and quite fancy that for for a change?

Sleep attempt #57
Hiya Stacey. I found your thread :) I wholeheartedly agree on BMIs. As you know I'm 5ft 10 and I have a large body frame/bone structure but my bmi range is 9stone 10 - 12stone 10. I reckon on 9 stone 10 I'd be literally fading away! Although you do see people like Abbey Clancey at the same height but around 8stone so who knows!? Although her bone structure is definitely smaller than mine! I reckon where my hip bones are wouldn't allow me to be smaller than a 12 at the least.

Sorry for rambling. Hope you managed to sleep x x x x
Hiya, wow haha I just read over my post from this morning, what a misery guts! Pleased to say I'm feeling much more positive today, my CDC rearranged my meeting which was supposed to be on Monday to today & I just got back, lost 5 pounds in 5 days which isn't too bad considering the toilet issue so I've lost 1.5 stone since last Monday which is when I started! Won't be seeing her now until the 16th & I'm loaded with fibre so will be a good opportunity to whack a load off if I can! Also, my sister came with me and is starting Monday which will be a real big help so in chuffed about that!

Yeah the BMI thing is weird, but don't compare to models, I wouldn't ever want to be that thin and like you said if you are well built (like me) we would look slightly alien at that weight.

Trying to take everyday as it comes and will try refrain from the negative posts!

So you have your meeting at 12.30! Whoop, Hope you're looking forward to it, I'm fortunate because my CDC is lovely! Fingers crossed it all goes well for you, I'm sure you will do great! Good luck & let me know how it went Xx
Yeah it went well - my CDC was really nice and helpful with all my questions. Not too expensive either, £42 for a week! Compared with what I used to spend it's amazing!! Very motivated and hope to match your success by next Saturday. I hope to be close to target by Christmas! What's your target? Xxx

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