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Where is everyone?

It's been really quiet hasn't it.... Anyway Hi I am here, currently sitting on laptop while a 5 year old has a paddy about not wanting to cut his yorkshire puddings in half & reckons that I am "commanding" him to do it, well yes if you like. In fact if he doesn't bloody quit it I am gonna nick it & ram it down my throat!!!!

Am gonna go for a walk when my OH gets in to clear my head after being stuck in the house all day with my son who wasn't well this morning...... It may be dark but I will take my torch & batter anyone if they come anywhere near me!!!!

Diet wise all going fine....
I am mortified. I broke our home scales this afternoon, not by standing on them... by trying to change the batteries.

I then went to my slimming world class and the scales there had a skippy fit and weighed me at... get this.... an 11lb gain!! I insisted on a re-weigh, which my consultant was reluctant to do. And I had not gained 11lb.. but in fact had lost 1lb!

I was fuming lol
That's awful!!! I used to be a clerk at a WW class & we had 2 sets of scales & the leader used to say they were both calibrated & were the same but they weren't the same!!! 2lb difference between them. They are moved all the time, shoved in carboots & travelling about. There's no way they can be completely accurate!
Thanks! Can you IMAGINE my shock!! I nearly fainted on the spot.

My Cons even asked em if it was possible I could have gained that much... err.. noooooo. she knows I'm on Xen too.. to gain that much in a week on Xen I'd have not been off the loo lol
Silly posting that and then i went off out,lol.
Not had a good night lol. Was meant to be on a Governor's course but when we got there,which was after my friend rushing around and waiting for her other half to come in and me running a fun club and rushing to get home,we was quiet pleased we was only 5 minutes late.....ooops make that 24hrs and 5 mins late lol.It was yesterday.

I hate Wednesday such a busy day but brilliant diet wise don't get a chance to much lol.
tina67 said:
Come on out Lea we don't bite we can't afford too,lolx
Lol im jus peed off nothing different last week 179 this week 183 n aunt flo viaiting seems im either 179 or 183 nver less than 179 n its getting me down

Next sat off to the inlaws for 4 days as is mum
In laws 60th gonna stop the xen tues for a week as wanna enjoy myself n not wreck their loo with tango man then will be uber strict till we go back up to scotland on the 28th dec for a week
Jus wanna cry x

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You will get there! Stop stressing about it and it will happen, you are doing really well :0)

Hope things at home have settled down


Not such a fat kat now :)
Come on butter. I know from experience that stressing about weight loss doesn't help at all and in fact only holds you back.
Just relax and enjoy yourself that way you'll be in the proper frame of mind and headspace to blow the next stone away without thinking.

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I know the boards have for quite I must admit I'm not logging on so much bc when I do noones been on!! :(

How you all doing?! Xxx


Not such a fat kat now :)
Hi Sammy it's about time you popped in again. How's it going?

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