Where is the best place to start?

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Hi All

New to the site and have been looking around and am not sure where is the best place to start - as there is so much information. (sorry if this is in the wrong place)

I've been a member of SW before and know about the plans. Rejoined a class Jan 4th and so far lost 4lbs 1st week and 1lb last week. Been following EE.

Silly, but have been totally dishearten this week with my 1lb loss as was really hoping for more. My main problem is like many others I want to go to bed and wake up slim and also trying to convince myself that I can really do this.

So any ideas of where to look on the site to get me going again?

Any help would be so welcome.

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Hi Cockney Pumpkin,

Try the recipe section - this always helps motivate me. I try and make a new recipe every week


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Welcome to the forums just read around and see what interests you.

The more you post the more you will feel involved and get more help.

Think about this if you lose a pound a week that is 52 pounds in a year!!

I know we all want to have lost the weight yesterday bu the tortoise won the race not the hare !!


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I think the problem is that all these programmes we see on the telly like Biggest Loser give us unrealistic expectations of what is a good weekly loss. We see these people losing 10lb a week but forget that they have been exercising their socks off for many hours each day. Back in the real world a loss of 1lb to 2lb is considered achievable and good, and averaged out you've lost 2.5 pounds a week while on the plan. So start celebrating your achievements instead of getting down. Look on each day as an adventure where you can try new foods, experiment with different recipes and exercise to make your body healthy. Checking out the inspiration slideshow as a reminder of what is possible.


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I totally agree with Circes.
I think your weight loss is good and nothing to be depressed about.
I also lost 4 pounds my first week but STS the next TWO weeks despite sticking to the plan 100%. I lost 3.5 pounds the next week and I reached my target in 30 weeks losing an average of 1 pound a week.
There is no instant magic wand to make you slim over night! SW does work, if you stick to plan.
Good luck!


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You are doing so well so congratulate yourself, our class leader always tells people that if you have a geat first week be prepared for a lot smaller loss the next week.

I even heard this on one of the biggest loser programmes not sure if it was US or Oz version, but they were saying that its always harder the second week because your body is in a bit of a shock mode so keep smiling and keep going :D we can do it.


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Well done. You've done really well so far. I like looking at the before and after pix!

Good luck x
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Thank you all - its silly I know as a loss is a loss and not a gain - Have given myself a good talking too this weekend and have started again today and been 100% so far - not bad going considering its only 9.30am !!

Mrs V

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Lol...believe me we have all thought like you have at some time or another and if there was a pill that you could take in the night to make you wake up skinny I would be first in line! Lol.
The weight will take time to come off, but that is better for you, remember you didnt gain it all in one night, so you cant loose it all in one night either!
Also, you have managed to loose a lot in your first couple of weeks, so firstly well done! Secondly your body is trying to hold on to your weight and the loss that you have had has put it into a bit of shock...all I can suggest, is keep at it and your body will once again get shifting in the right direction!

Good luck Hun.


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Welcome to the forum and good luck with your weight loss.