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Discussion in 'Exante' started by snootycow, 9 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. snootycow

    snootycow Member

    I've been building up to starting Exante for a while now. I've had the stuff for ages and been putting it off. I thought i might start out doing Simple Solution and work my way down to Working solution. Forward planning though, is not my strong point so any advice would be gratefully received :)
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  3. TAUPE

    TAUPE Full Member

    I think actually thinking about starting is worse than just taking the plunge. If you can be strong for the first few days it does get so much easier. If you want to start gradually just swap one meal, say lunch, for an exante product and build up to it that way. Being on the diet and losing weight will keep you motivated.
  4. snootycow

    snootycow Member

    Thanks TAUPE. I see your point, i just get a bit panicky that I won't have the right foods in the house if I don't do my homework :) Maybe it's just another way for my subconscious mind to put off starting the actual diet?!
    I think I should jump in first thing Monday and see how I go from there.
  5. moonlight

    moonlight Full Member

    Hi snooty cow ( feels awful calling you that :(). I know that feeling only too well. I was also waiting until Monday but got up this morning and started. Just took the plunge as with me there is always a reason why I can't start and no doubt Monday would have brought another. Another one of my problems is waiting for everything to be "perfect" before I get going but I'm going to be nicer to myself this time. If I fall off the wagon or take a conscious decision to step off it for an occasion, so be it. I'll just get up ASAP and try again. I'm hoping to get loads of support on this forum as I know there are tough times and good times ahead. If I can help you on your journey, shout!
  6. snootycow

    snootycow Member

    lol That's quite alright Moonlight :)

    I think this forum is going to prove invaluable to me. Helps you realise you're not the only one in the boat, likewise if I can help at all just let me know.

    I know what you mean about waiting for everything to be perfect before you start, I tend to do that too but I think it's yet another way of me putting it off. I've been 'intending' to start Slimming World for heaven knows how long without actually committing to it 100%. I kid myself that I don't care about losing weight, until every time i'm going on a night out and end up not being comfortable wearing anything in my wardrobe except jeans and a loose top :(

    Anyway, I spent a little time reading at the weekend on ketogenic dieting and low carb diets (still confused by the way) and decided that the best way for me to start is to ease my way in because I know if i'm starving right from the start I'll just give up. So i'm doing 3 meal replacements and experimenting with a little extra food added in (milk allowance and a small evening meal etc.) I say 'experiment' because i'm HOPELESS at calorie counting and as for carb values:confused:
    Anyway, i think i'll also invest in a couple of books on ketogenic diets after reading about the benefits in fighting cancer and type II diabetes, (both of which hubby is fighting, he's been diabetic for 8 years or so and has real difficulty controlling his diet, he completed cancer treatment about 18 months ago and had been all clear since) not to mention 50lbs or so I need to lose.

    So i'm precisely one Chocolate shake in at this moment in time.... they're not bad actually, better than some others i've tasted.

    Just wondering now whether I should start a diary post? I think maybe this post may qualify as a self pep talk, i'll probably be back later when i'm starving to death.
  7. moonlight

    moonlight Full Member

    You've been through a tough time snooty (shortening your name, hope you don't mind) as has your poor husband but fantastic that he got the all clear. Here's to better times ahead health wise.

    I too have 50 to lose at least. More like 63lbs to get me to 9.13. That would be heaven but too far away to bother about now. Mt first goal is to get into the 13s and then take it from there. One step at a time. I can't even plan one day at a time as my mood can change so quickly. So it really is one meal at a time for me at the moment.

    have you tried the choc shake hot. It's really quite nice. I also take the vanilla hot with coffee in it. It's a bit sweet but it's the only way I can get it into me.

    I think the diary is a great idea. I've started one and it's great for getting your thoughts down and out of your head. Give it a go and see if it helps.

    i find thinking of the packs as fuel for my body helps. You can't overfill a car with petrol and as our bodies are magnificent machines why damage them by overfueling them. That my thought for today........

    good od luck with the rest of the day.

  8. snootycow

    snootycow Member

    It sounds like we're not a million miles apart weight wise. 50lbs will get me to approximately 9st 4 or 5 ish if my scales are to be believed.
    I'm going to make up some of the porridge packs into biscuits tonight, see if that's a bit more palatable 'cause it was awful stuff.
    And as for the Chilli. Ugh.
    I'll have to pretend i'm in the Army or something, they eat stuff that would make a billygoat puke right?
  9. moonlight

    moonlight Full Member

    I love the porridge. Makes me feel like I've had an ordinary breakfast. I hate the strawberry shake and am reluctant to try the banana if it is anything like the strawberry !!! Haven't tried the chilli yet. Pasta carbonara tonight.

    how do you make the biscuits?
  10. snootycow

    snootycow Member

    I'm currently drinking a Strawberry shake and.... it's not all that bad actually and I don't normally like strawberry flavoured anything. I feel your reluctance about the banana flavoured one though, not looking forward to trying that.

    I found this in the recipe section.... Add very small amounts of cold water until it looks like a thick paste like cake mix.
    Then spoon out onto baking tray dividing it into any sizes you like and bake at 150 degrees for 20 mins. To avoid them sticking use a decent quality non-stick / parchment / baking paper or invest in a silicone baking sheet which are brilliant. I'm going to start making them in batches so I've got them ready if I want to have them for one of my meals.

    There are thoughts that it may not be wise to do this as most of the packs are meant to be eaten as soon as they're made up but I can't see it doing much harm occasionally.

    How was the Carbonara? I had grilled salmon with a big pile of asparagus, i think i managed to keep my calorie intake within 600 and very few carbs, which would explain the stonking headache this morning.
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