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Wheres frontier-phil?


A moaning old boot!!!!
Ive missed he cheeky comments too!!!!!!! I do think we should set up a frontier-Phil fan club..........................do we get a badge and a pen?!?!?! x x
oo, i wanta badge and a pen! but its usually phil who actually organising these things, so without him, who will head the 'bring back phil' campiegn? lol
hope he ok
Perhaps we could print t-shirts, or can we get "MISSING" on milk cartons like in America? How funny would that be!!! Picking up your skimmed milk and there Phil is!!! lmao

K xx


A moaning old boot!!!!
Haha, thought I would quickly throw together a missing person carton. Please supply it to all your friends to ensure the safe return of Frontier-Phil!!!! :) :)

P.S. Im not some weirdo that has taken the photo of Phil, just thought it would be quite funny and will now delete all traces of it!! :) Just thought I would make that clear :)
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LMAO. You lot make me giggles!

Whoo hoo.. free pens and badges for all! and milk cartons.. that is a good idea! LOL

Phil best appriciate this! LOL X

Scarlet Daisy

Hungry For Life
I think we should release a single. Maybe do a cover version of "Back For Good" by Take That. We could call ourselves the "Wild Frontiers", or the "Philetts" or something. All proceeds could go towards paying for Phil's SW classes and his internet connection.
Hello Everyone !

I have been away ( not actually away)I have been on parental leave, we have had a new addition to the family a little girl called Esmee..she is adorable!!! to say the least. All doing really well indeed..

I thought I better check in.... the funniest thing happened yesterday I was in Tesco and picked up a carton of milk and stone the crows my bloody picture was on the back posted as missing !!!!

Well I back now so whats the gossip ? anything meaty going down !

Phil xx
Ah glad to see you had a very decent excuse for not visiting us :D

Congratulations on your new little addition, OH's sisters little girls called esme :D its a beautiful name..

hehe nothing meaty, just the dissapearnce of you, dearest phil.. so panic over everyone!!! :p



Slow but sure....
Congratulations Phil to you and your family on your new addition, what a beautiful name.

Love and best wishes to you all, Donnie. XXX

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