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Where's my energy gone?


has started again!!
After joining LL I was buzzing, so much energy. Why now am I totally pooped all the time, and hungry lots too?

I even dozed off on the sofa after work today, about 4.30, before I had even thought of feeding the kids etc!

I feel just exhausted all the time & my stomach feels very sore too.

Is it time for real food or is my chatterbox trying to win again??
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Tell me about it Sez - I'm absolutely pooped at the moment.

I have noticed that my caffeine intake went through the roof (for me) on holiday. I was having the equivalent of 4 or 5 cups a day and I know that this can deplete real energy levels.

Maybe it's the weather - I wonder if the weird ketosis thermostat has problems coping when it gets warmer. Not sure. But I'm not sleeping enough at the moment. Look after yourself. Maybe do a bit of exercise to lift your endorphins and try getting to bed an hour earlier.


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I felt like that last week, couldn't do anything as I was just shattered all the time ...... stick with it and hopefully it will soon pass. It has for me = this week I feel almost human :)

I have felt much better after the "milk week". I dot think it was my chatterbox, just me old bod needing a bit of oomph. Plus recognised that I was overdoing things a bit so have slowed down aand feel much better! Also started taking multivitamin & drinking at least 1, preferbly 2, marigold stocks a day. Not sure which has worked but I feel 100% better than I did before....HTH & you feel better soon!

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Hey Sez, I'm always tired & exhausted, I want to sleep for England, I have no energy for the gym.
The stairs kill me every day.
I'm not motivated to do any housework or do anything outside the home.
Hopefully we'll feel better in management.
I'm always hungry, but I think that is the chatterbox.
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hiya Sez me too completely totally knackered! No engergy at all and I have been in revision hell so not been posting , really missed you guys. The only good thing is not been COLD ! first time since I started my hands and feet feel like they belong to the rest of my body instead a penguin in the north pole!
Hope things improve .
night night
Sez, I tried some iron (already in water in sachets) and that really helped me. I only took it for a few weeks back in week 4/5 maybe, and haven't had to take it since.
Overall, I find that there is no way to track the peaks and troughs on the energy levels front. It doesn't seem to make a difference what time I eat, or how much water I drink, sometimes I'm knackered and sometimes I'm hyperactive. All a bit exhausting in itself really :D


has started again!!
Thanks so much everyone, at least I know I'm not alone in this! Just got home from work, and had a strawberry shake (hot... I love it, sort like a warm blancmage!) Still feeling ab. starving and dog tired!

OH reckons its the weather, could be I suppose! The only good thing is, like HCW,
I am not cold at the mo. Warm hands and feet...quite a novelty!

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