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Where's my mojo gone?!


Slimming down the aisle
Well this diet malarky has all gone a bit t*ts up really!

I've been in London for a month. I'd been calorie counting for like 2 weeks before that and it had been going well. But since being in London, there's not been any diet in place at all. I've put on 4-5lbs over that month. Which just isn't good enough! I want to be at least maintaining if I'm not losing. Not putting on weight again!

I've just found the idea of dieting has gone out of the window. I still can't really afford to do CD, though hopefully can from next month. But I'm starting to wonder if I'm actually going to be able to. And in the time between now and whenever I do start CD again, I don't want to keep putting on weight and creeping up to where I started. But I just seem to find it so difficult. It's easy at work to pick at things. Crisps. Biscuits. And then come home and eat rubbish. But I really can't keep doing this. I have a wedding next week that I wanted to get down to a 16 for and coming up to that and being nowhere near my target has just made me think how further along I could be now if I hadn't messed it all up so much. I could be another 2-3 stone lighter. And a 14-16ish. But instead I'm this. Meh maybe I'm just having a low day. I just can't keep carrying on like this. I really need to get into a healthy lifestyle. Not stop dieting, put on 5lbs, diet and lose 6lbs, put it back on, off, on, off. But that's all it seems I'll ever have, this yoyo, up down, but I don't want that. Got to fix it!

So from today I'm going to try and keep up some kind of healthy eating plan. Even if I don't lose weight, fine. But I don't want to put anything on. Because this isn't the life that I want for myself. And I can't put it all on hold waiting until I can do CD again. But I need your help! I need help to find my mojo again!!
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Hi again :)

Not one to fluff things up this is how I see the world of dieting

Those that can and those that can't

I'm in the can't group

I can't do a classic 'diet' ie ww or sw it's too wishy washy so turned to cd

Is there no way on gods earthly earth you can go back to Cambridge ? I think while you've got so much going on it's the only diet that's gonna push you back on track again

I may be wrong but I rarely am :D

All the best x
Hi hun,

I know how you feel!!! I have been dieting most of my 20's and i hit 30 in July and i wanted to be thin at 30 and guess what i was fat. I turned to CD because i felt that this was the only way. I actually spend less money when on CD than when not as i'm not buying all that junk food. Try not to think of the past and think of the furture. If you can get back on CD go for it as you know it works and if you stick with it you will soon have that figure you have always dreamt of.

Good luck
Jodie x


Slimming down the aisle
I'm in the can group, but at the moment I'm in the can't mind frame! I'm in a house of really really bad eating habits. They both have gastric bands so don't eat a lot, but eat really badly. Lots of takeaway. But for them it's ok, they still lose weight!

I was thinking the same thing though. I've found the number for a local CDC, going to see how easily I could get to them. Will do SS for a week, then maybe do 810 or 1000 if I can't keep it up until I get paid. But I think I should just about be ok. Damn being tall! They seem more expensive down here. £2 a shake, bar or tetra, in comparison to £1.70 back at home. But I think I need it to kick start me again. I think the thing is that here I'm easily spending £50 a week on lunches and dinners and stuff. So it's not like back at home where my parents bought food. So I need to get out of that mindset that it's more expensive.


Slimming down the aisle
Actually, I think I am going to SS this week for a good loss and then do SS+ or 810 cos I've got chicken and stuff that I need to use up before I move back to Birmingham in just under a month!

SS is soooooo good isnt it caroline and you've done so well in before, even if its just to set you on track again then do a cc like before, i just think its what you..or anyone would need being honest to set you back straight!

Good for you x
Hi Caroline

I'm sorry to rush this response as I am out to meet friends and won't be back until late this evening. I am sorry that you are experiencing difficulties with dieting at the momment. It might feel strange to have relocated to London; maybe a bit unsettling. I say this as a person who has lived in London all her life but I felt odd when I moved out of my family home to start nursing and when I moved from west to east after further studies- perhaps I'm not good at change.
I very much agree with Mrs. Essex - this is a great diet that will evaporate the pounds and bring you to goal so much sooner than conventional plans. For me this will mean so many things- improved self-esteem, more confidence when dating (I'm a spinster of the parish LOL!) and being able to dress/present myself in a much more attractive manner that expresses my own individuality and style.
In terms of cost, it is much easier for some people- luckily at 41 I have paid off student debts, reached top of salary scale, had promotion etc so thankfully paying for CD is not an issue. However, I spent so much more on food, drink and snacks before - I could easily blow £5 - 10 in one day at work on sandwiches, chocolate, a smoothie drink, a couple of cakes for the afternoon.
Wishing you the best of luck in whatever dieting method you choose x


Slimming down the aisle
I'm originally from London and to me it's home so I'm loving being back. Maybe a bit too much! It's easy to go out to a pub, bar or club and drink a fair bit of alcohol. I don't get that drunk and it's not every day, but it's just part of falling back into that old lifestyle. Even if I don't stick with doing CD, I need to be more organised. Taking lunch with me to work, so I don't go buy a high calorie sandwich, crisps, chocolate etc. Money is pretty tight, so the idea of spending £50 a week on CD seems mad to me. But actually, my lunch isn't that cheap, and so I don't spend quite that much, unless I'm out that week, but it's nowhere near as good for me. Whether I do CD or not, something has to change. I don't think I've done too badly. I've been off CD for about 2 months, calorie counted for 2 weeks, and have put on 5lbs. It could have been a lot worse, I know that. So I'm glad I've been able to not just totally blow it, but I need to be more self controlled. I think doing a week of SS would be good for me, bring my head back into the game. Then move up to a higher plan or something maybe. Or do SS, move up the plans one plan a week and then calorie count. Whatever I do, I just have to stick with it, and get my head in the game!


Slimming down the aisle
Exactly, that's my thinking. I did it for 2 weeks before I had to stop and I lost 11lbs over those 2 weeks so I still seem to have good losses with it.

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Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Yep that's what i was going to say....do 1000, 2lb loss a week on average. At least you're getting yourself sorted now and not letting all the weight go back on. Nip it in the bud now. Good to hear from you x
I think its hard to get back into it again. I was exactly the same, wanted to finish my journey and 4/5 lbs had crept on since stopping last June. But didn't think I was in the right frame of mind to get into it again. I didn't have that 'I hate myself so much' could do any diet 100% and when cd proved its weight in gold, would have washed peoples cars to earn the money lol.
I forced myself to start again on the day I set myself but still didn't feel 100% determined. 2 days in my dad says he's having a 60ith party with loads of people I haven't seen since size 20. To see them at a size 10/12 would be amazing. Now I'm much more focussed and determined (still human and slipped a little last night) but back today with renewed energy.
Maybe look into the future a couple of months. Is there a special something, could you arrange one? That way whatever diet you start, you have an aim for. Good luck, posting here means things are already going in the right direction.
Its so hard when you're heads not in gear, think there are a few of us struggling to find our mojo's just now. i sometimes wonder where the positive me has gone to, she must be in here somewhere?!

Good luck with whatever plan you decide on and keep positive, you're being pro-active by being on here and not running away from the scales in denial!


Slimming down the aisle
Well I didn't go and see a CDC. They couldn't fit me in today, and I ended up eating a burger and milkshake in an american diner with a couple of friends. But actually, the rest of the day I've eaten sensibly. I'm still under 2000 calories for sure. And I did a short walk along the river which turned into almost 8 miles of walking, so I think I can allow myself that one! But from tomorrow, it's hello strict caroline! I'm going to take my own lunch to work, that's the start of it, will save me a fortune in pounds and lbs!
Hi caroline

Pleased to read that you have made a plan for tommorow and onwards; it really was a lovely sunny day in town, perfect for your healthy and lengthy riverside walk. I didn't realise that you are from London so glad to know that you are very settled and happy here, its a great place and so varied. I have just got in from a crazy cabaret/variety show in Soho - would have been better if I'd gone for a stroll instead!

Best of luck to the new strict Caroline x

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