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Where's my motivation gone?

Hello all, in need of some moral support!! I will be weighed in tomorrow in week 2, so hopefully this will help but I have found myself hungry this week and now thinking of food quite a bit. I don't know if it is the almost daily gym workouts or if it is cos it is the TOTM. Twice since I have started LL I have cooked what I thought were nice meals for the family and because I haven't been able to taste it did not know they weren't that nice, thus they have ended in the bin. It's making me mad cos I'd love to eat it even if it was a bit rubbish. My husband is drinking wine infront of me and eating cookies infront of the telly. Last week this did not bother me, this week I am near to tears with rage/sadness I can't eat/drink yummy stuff. Is this usual to be motivated the first week then be struggling thereafter? :wave_cry:
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Vickki i found out very early on that gym workouts are counterproductive in the early stages of this diet.You need every one of those 530 calories in your meal packs . Using the calories to go to the gymn means you haven't got enough to function properly and your body goes into starvation mode.None of this helps and makes you feel weak,hungry and emotional.Knock it on the head for a week or two and see how you feel.
Vikki hopefully your weigh in tomorrow will give you the motivation you need to push you on a bit.

Re having to bin the food - get one/some of the family in the kitchen and get them to test it ..... or get hubby to cook if it's going to be binned, I'm sure that the food can't have been that bad.

Stay strong honey (((hugs)))


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Hey weevikki, honestly hang in there! I remember my first few weeks couldnt get through a week without crying. I burst out crying when my partner was eating his tea on a few occasions. But now it doesn't bother me in the slightest. I sat in KFC with him the other day while he ate a meal and wasn't bothered at all. It is hard in the first few weeks when you still want food. But it does go away, I'm a cook and I've come to love cooking and knowing if the food's ok by smell. Just push on through these tough few weeks cos you'll be fine soon! xx
Cheers for your help and support. Weighed in tonight and actually lost another 4 Lbs. 16 Lbs in 2 weeks is great thus going to keep going to the Gym. Not feeling tired just a bit hungry at times but I think if I up the water that should sort it out. I thnk that I wanted to try to cook new food so I did not relate it to food I know I love, so that is why it hasn't turned out too well!! Think I'll keep cooking what I know so I know I'll get it right. Not really fair to treat my family as guinea pigs!!Hubbie a chef so can cook great meals but tends not to be in or have the time apart from days off. Donnalou you did well to sit in KFC, You inspire me in losing the weight. Your photos are great, the difference is amazing. Keep going!

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