Where's the thread gone?

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Hi guys,

I was reading through a thread by FF&F about eating and weight gain, people misunderstanding what she was saying, etc. The computer shut down and now I have logged back in, I see it is gone. Anyone know where?????

Hi click on members list then f then find fff posts and you will get it, HTH
I suspect a moderator has had enough and removed it. I felt like I was the one getting targeted now....I feel people didn't understand the thread and I did my best to explain, but people still didn't get it and it was causing not niceness.

Actually, I'm really upset now sitting sobbing pathetically as I feel everyone is ganging up on me and FFF and anyone else who felt the same way. Being told you are a crap CDC is not nice even if it is true.
Ohh didnt know it had been deleted.
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