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Where's your head at??!!


Finding inspiration
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That's what I've been asking myself the last week or so. Had a bit of birthday indulgence (on the 17th of July!!) and it was like standing on the edge of a crumbling cliff. I've been getting worse and worse until this week, I've been scoffing chocolates like there's no tomorrow. I didn't buy them, but they're at work and normally I will ignore them and stay on plan. But this week, I've been troughing.

Right, let's get the hard bit out of the way... I have put on 3lbs in the last 2 weeks. Yes, put on 3lbs. There. I've said it for all the world to hear. I've also adjusted my ticker (which I often don't when I have a gain!! There. I admitted that too!)

Last night I went shopping and bought good stuff. This morning I brought in good food and have filled in my food diary - and note that I've already got 7 syns on the tally just with breakfast and lunch, and it's all good stuff! Lord knows what I've been piling into my gob just recently. But it stops here. Now.
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I've just bcome out of a similar stage. Feels good to be back in control!

Well done braving up to it all and getting back in the right place!

Good luck this week.

p.s 3lbs is nothing!!!


I will succeed!!!
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Me too! Was just coming on to post about this myself! We should be motivation buddies! ;-) xx


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Good luck with turning things around.
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So your head is back in the good place?! Well done on admitting to that 3lbs. You know you can get that off in one week, maybe two, if you stick with the plan. I'm glad you're in the zone!

I've had a really difficult time of it recently. It's been about 5 weeks and I just felt so stuck in it, with maintains or a half loss, or a gain (hen party...expected gain). And then I had the wedding that was my original goal date, and that passed with me being only halfway to goal...which made me feel like such a failure. But at the wedding, I was happy that I was a stone and a bit lighter and felt good.

Now that's behind me, I have somehow got myself back into the zone. I have got 11 weeks until I'm a bridesmaid. I want to be at target for then, so I am applying myself in a most determined fashion! At my usual rate, I don't honestly know if I'll get there, but it's 3 months...just 3 months. Surely I can get my head down, concentrate and increase the exercise, stick to plan and get to target?! I have a holiday in Turkey a fortnight before the wedding, and I want to wear a bikini for that.

I can, I can, I can.
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Well done for getting back on track - all of you!!
When you get around half way there - compliments start coming - people are noticing and you start feeling better. You then take your eye off the target and get distracted.

well done for pulling yourself back into reality and the reasons why you started this journey in the first place.

You will get there!!

Rosie x
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Great thread, always good to have a little vent and to wipe the slate clean and get back on track. Well done girls!

Im in the same place as you at the moment, put on 7lb in a week so back in my good books and back on plan to shift them pesky pounds! Got to love determination!

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