Green Days Which are better: superfree or superspeed?


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In the interests of boosting my weight loss next week, I'm looking at increasing the speed and superspeed foods I eat. I do green days most days as I don't eat any meat except fish (usually one EE day a week if I fancy some fish). Is it better to focus on superfree or superspeed foods to boost weight loss? Or maybe foods that fit into both categories? What makes superfree foods so super anyway - are they supposed to boost weight loss despite not being superspeed? And if superspeed foods are so great for weight loss why are they not superfree? I am a bit confused!
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superfree are called superfree because they can be eaten on any day. Superfree foods are very very low in calories, and high in water content, so they fill you up whilst taking in very few calories. If you increase your superfree quantities, you are likely to be restricting your portion sizes on the higher calorie foods, therefore taking in less calories overall.

Superspeed and speed foods are supposed to speed up your weight loss, but aren't necessarily free on all the plans (eg, baked beans aren't free on a red day). They are often not particularly low in calories, but are filling and slow-release foods, so keep your body going for longer. Whilst they are good for you, and boost your losses, if there were a superfree food as well you could very easily take in far too many calories to lose weight if you ate them unlimited.

They should give them different names really, as they sound too similar, but have completely different purposes on the plan!


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you're mixing yourself up there..

super free is just low calorie density foods..
stuff with lots of bulk but few calories..
they help with portion control versus calorie intake as they fill you up but don't provide huge amounts of calories
super speed foods are foods which give your metabolism a boost.
while many foods fall into both categories, not all super free foods are speed foods and vice versa.

since I only do EE I don't know the rules for RED or GREEN, but on EE you have 1/3 of your plate as super free foods.


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Thanks, I think I get it now (sort of!). So I should try to focus mainly on superfree foods, and then prioritise the speed foods in anything else I eat I suppose.