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Which are nicer hot and which cold?


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treacle, I'm not a fan of the shakes but just make sure you drink plenty of water after any of the TETRAS, they are very concentrated, I actually don't mind drinking the tetra packs, they taste better than the reg shakes in my opinion but we all have different tastes, I add a bit of water to my tetra in a glass and then drink another glass of water afterwards, my cdc told me to do that too. Enjoy :)

Are you just starting out hun? xxx


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p.s. yes you can deffo have ice in them x


Hi ya thanks for replying, yep just starting out tomorrow, I lost 2 stone on WW but have put a stone of it back on so need to do something else that gives me faster results and cut out the food option for a while. Your photo is beautiful. :)
And can you have ice in them?

Think I have:

Choc- yes to ice, lovely cold and delicious hot
Choc mint yes to ice, prefer it hot myself
Vanilla I much prefer this hot with a spoon of coffee and tablet sweetener added, though apparently it is nice with ice and a little bit of the orange water flavouring added
Cappachino HOT! I add extra coffeee and tablet sweetener for a big latte
Strawberry Never tried this hot- I add some berry water flavouring and have this as a mousee- also makes a lovely smoothie with lots of ice
Toffee and walnut I actually like this one hot (a bit weird) but also good cold as a smoothie
Choc tetras- freeze em to make ice cream! BUt also gorgeous hot with some extra water added

Hope this helps!:D


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Hi ya thanks for replying, yep just starting out tomorrow, I lost 2 stone on WW but have put a stone of it back on so need to do something else that gives me faster results and cut out the food option for a while. Your photo is beautiful. :)
aaw treacle how sweet of you. My avatar is me on my wedding day 4 years ago in July. My first mini goal is to get to that same weight. I have about 1.5 stone to go approx coz I'm not 100% on what I weighed then. Well done on losing so much on WW, I did the same, with WW & SW, but then put it all back on plus more. And I am in agreement about taking food out of the equation for a while. Join the DIALY thread..we start a new one every day, there are some newbies like me and you and some who have been on cd for a while, it's a great bunch and you will get lots of support and you can swap tips etc...

You will lose most of your 1 st gain in the first 2 weeks, heck, some of our girls lost 14/15lb in their first week!!! come and join us and good luck with your SS (soul source) tomorrow. catch ya later x
I did ww beginning of year and managed to lose 18lb in a few months and I was good!!!
In 7 weeks on cd I have lost 27.5lbs.
My fave at the minute is icy cold choc mint.
Good luck You wont regret switching :D:D


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i love the choc ones hot. I mistakenly made a strawberry one hot the other day (thought i'd picked up a choc packet!) - it was actually quite nice, different!

The best thing to do is just experiment - also you may find that your taste continually changes throughout this diet - mine has

Good luck - let us know how you get on



Thanks very much everyone will give it a go!

Sorted out what I'm having tomorrow, cappachino for brekkie hot, chocolate with crushed ice for lunch and a soup for dinner.

I think the idea of experimenting is the best one, and try not to have any pre-conceived notions of what you definately do or do not like...

I thought I would love the cappuccino and had every intention of splitting up a pack every day and having two luxurious mugs every day... but turns out it wasn't that nice! So instead, I read for ideas on here and now put some coffee in with half a vanilla or half a chocolate pack and whizz that up and it's yum!

I was adamant I wouldn't like vanilla - but the other day I only had a vanilla at work and needed a hot drink, so made it up hot - it was a different taste lol but quite nice - tasted like mashed up custard cream biscuits!

Try each of them cold, then each of them hot and you'll soon get an idea of what you like... tho I have heard people mention that their tastes change as the diet progresses and ones they liked at the beginning they didn't like as much by the end... Oooo, and you could try making muffins or 'puddings' by using the microwave - check out the recipes thread for ideas, it's great for breaking up the monotony and I feel like it's still 'real food' sometimes...

Good luck sampling and testing out your taste buds!

tinks x
good luck with your cd journey , i have done the same as you i rejoind ww last year and lost 2st and regaind ast of it when i stoped, rejoind a couple of mths b4 i started cd and lost nothing at all!! hence why i changed to cd, personally i think cd is the best ever!!!. i have only tryed the cappachino hot but didnt like much preferd it cold but love the others blitzed up with lots of crushed ice

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