Which book?


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Okay.... I struggle with self confidence, self esteem, motivation, fear etc etc.

I've read "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway" and it was fantastic, and has forced me to make a big decision. However I'm flagging again.

Now it's between [amazon]059305055X[/amazon] and [amazon]0593055357[/amazon].

I already have Instant Confidence, but it was a while ago I used it, and then only for a few days. I've decided whichever one I decide on I'm going to try and do it every day for at least three weeks.

So which one do you think would be better? Instant Confidence? Or should I buy Change Your Life in Seven Days?
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Hi Sparkle

Below is a brief description of each book, from what you say, I think the 'Instant Confidence' would be better for you and the good thing is you already have this. If you read the customer reviews on Amazon for both systems, that may also give you a good idea which one to go for.

I think you are right if you listen to the CD every day you will definitely notice a difference.

When I first started with my "I can make you thin" sytem of Paul's, I only listened to it every now and again and gave up for a while as I did not think it was working. I have restarted it and I now listen to almost every night and it has made such a difference and the changes are definitely 'kicking in'

I find a great time to listen to the CD is in bed, I often fall asleep listening to it (it still work's even if you fall asleep!)

Hope this helps

Change your life in seven days:
  • would you like to make more money and be more successful?
  • would you like to have more energy and feel happier very day?
  • would you like to start living the life of your dreams
Instant Confidence:
Want to feel strong even in difficult situations? Whether you're seeking more confidence in love, business or somewhere else in your life, this best-seller from the UK's top personal development coach, Paul McKenna, can help you fulfil your potential


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Hiya Sparkle

At the risk of sounding "flippant", please know that my intention is pure ...however, it doesn't matter which of these you choose, the work still has to come from you. Rather than going to the expense of buying another book...how about working with the one you've got and making a committment to see it through and do whatever it takes in order to make a change.

The "books" don't matter, its us and our committment and willingness that makes the difference. Whichever one you choose, you will get the results you want if you are willing to do something different by following through ....

I hope that you are not offended by my honesty....:)


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Thank you for your advice rubyberrie... Having thought about it, I think the Instant Confidence one is the right choice, thanks.

Diva - well... Of course I'm not offended! I do appreciate the total (blunt?) honesty! Thank you very much, you're completely right! As long as I make the commitment, either of them will help me if I work through the exercises and listen to it everyday.

Considering I've just got in, and I'm completely knackered, I'm going to bed, but will be starting tomorrow definately! And that isn't one of the times I'm procrastinating by saying 'Oh, I'll do it tomorrow' and then never do... Paul McKenna is something I can't listen to when I'm falling asleep, as when he tells me to wake up... I do! lol And considering the trouble I've had sleeping lately I don't want to risk it.

I will however definately be listening to it tomorrow - and if no one minds, I'd like to start a thread in here, almost like a 'Confidence Diary'? If that makes sense? Just daily posting that I've listened to the CD (knowing I have to 'report in' will help me stick to it!), and what I learn from the book, and the different exercises.

I'm quite looking forward to it now! :D


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What a fab idea Sparkle to post daily on how you're getting on with it....looking forward to it! Have a great day, hun....

P.S: By the way, would you have to be a fairly confident and motivated person to be able to put yourself on the line like this??? ;) Just a thought! :D