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Which Contraception To Use??


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
OK...how soon can you use contraception once giving birth and which method is best??

My body seems to disagree with the pill for some reason, it makes me sick, so I can't take the pill :(

Just want something thats going to be effective as when I eventually go back on my diet, I'm thinking....2-3 months after giving birth, that I want to be on contraception because I want to enjoy Ethan for a while and also because I want to finish my diet.

So which do I go for? What are you going for? What have you gone for?

:D xx
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Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
I don't know if I want anything internal, like that strip that sits in your arm and I'm definitely thinking eww at the coil. I dunno...hmmm. Maybe plain old celibacy will have to be my contraception, lol, who knows, I may be knackered after looking after Ethan all day that I don't even feel like sex lol!
In my experience it does not matter what you choose - two contraceptives 'failed' me (supposedly there was less than 1% chance of falling pg and here I am...), although I must say, rather nice once I got over the shock!

I do not want anything hormonal (pills, injections, implant, hormonal coil) so might go for the copper coil after this one...still want a baby number four so if it fails...oh well!
And my husband lived on the other side of the continent, so practically celibate too, so that apparently makes it three 'contraceptives' that failed!
I fell pregnant on the copper coil so would definitely not recommend it. Was told by a doctor along the way that I had more chance of falling pregnant had I been sterilised than with the copper coil - but here I am.

I also had the injection and would have stayed on it if it didn't make me gain weight. Although my sister is on it and has no side effects at all.

I'll be a bit stuck after I've had the baby as I had to come off hormone related contraceptives due to worsening migraines. Now that we have 4 kids, I've suggested to OH that he get the snip (although he ain't too keen).


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an implant is going straight back in me once i've recovered, ha. as soon as it is taken out you are able to conceive, unlike the injection which can take a while to get out of your system. and you don't have to think about it for three years (or two if you are me because i was overweight and they wanted to be certain it didn't 'run out' or something) and my periods stop. completely. heaven :D

it does take my body a wee while to get used to it, but well worth it.

abz xx
Ooohh interesting to read, Im not goin to have or take anything, i tried for years to fall pg, had treatment with my first daughter due to me having pcos and it took me to loose nearly 6 stone to fall pg naturally, I really cant see it happening naturally at the moment because i piled all my weight back on again.
Well Grace was a Suprise! and whilst I couldn't imagine my life without her, 3 girls is definately enough for me. I'm 39 this year and hubby is 40, so we decided a more permanent form of contraception was needed. He had the snip in September, so now we can have all the fun ;) without the worry of anymore little surprises :D

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