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Which day?

So, i think i have everything in to do my "attack" phase, which day should i start? i have spent all weekend getting in everything i cant have for a while, so i get the cravings out of the way, i just need to decide on which day should i start my diet?

I havent finished reading the book yet but i am on the last chapter.

Which day do you suggest?
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when ever your ready,im still reading my book as i go along get weighed tho before you start and take some measurements great for helping you along.

can i ask have you been on dukan site and seen how many days on attack and cruise you need to do??

good luck xx;)


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Monday? (ie tomorrow?) or have you overstocked on naughties!
Sorry not been on, stupid computer been playing up.

I was going to start today but ended up going to family members house and they wouldnt understand about me going on this diet (the one who calls me fat :p) so i was going to start tomorrow, but i have to go there wednesday! ARGH!!!

So tomorrow and wednesday are going to be my "cut back" days and i start full force thursday :D

I checked the on Dukan site and it says to do 7 days of attack and i should loose 7lbs! me hoping :D

So if i have to go out in the 7 days im on it, i will just say no haha
I will be there all day so have to eat what they cook (not always very good) i might have to have a salad from McDonalds which i like.

Grilled chicken with salad, no sauce only 130 calories, work my way in to the diet ready for thursday.

Oh i dont drink btw, dont know why used to love it over the years ive gone off it lol and i dont smoke anymore, just the weight to fix now :p


** Chief WITCH **
Once you've started the diet though, you're gonna have to come up with something when you're invited! This isn't the sort of diet you can have extras one day, then compensate...
Once you've started the diet though, you're gonna have to come up with something when you're invited! This isn't the sort of diet you can have extras one day, then compensate...
Jo's right. It's difficult to keep it a complete secret when you're spending whole days with people. Best to maybe have a back-up plan or story if you don't want them to know you're on a diet.

I must admit that I don't give a damn and just tell people that I'm dieting. They can like it or lump it. It's up to you what you eat and drink.


** Chief WITCH **
YAY! Good for you PPK... if you do get comments (and, trust me, you will - I still do after all this time), you could perhaps politely respond: "I'd like to lose some weight and I'd appreciate your support."

So now please post your menu! There's a daily menu thread...
Good girl! That's exactly the kind of attitude you need! :)

Unfortunately, some people are diet saboteurs. I have no idea why they do it. The thing is, it's your health and maybe even self-confidence at stake here. Just imagine their faces when you're swanning around, looking slim and slinky in gorgeous new clothes!


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Great attitude. I've kept it a secret successfully at work, and I've used the excuse that I'm off wheat to great effect since that covers bread, pasta and a multitude of other things!


Not very good at this!
I play the wheat card and the dodgy tummy (true) too! People can say what they like - just ignore it. Myself I find it amazing when you go out like I did on Sunday and people are moaning about their weight and inability to lose it, whilst sitting down to garlic bread, chips and big fat puddings! I did feel quite smug I must admit!


** Chief WITCH **
And it's true that each time one says "no", the next time is easier...

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