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which diet is worth doin?


loves minimins
This question may have been asked 60 times already but thought i'd post it anyway.

i'm new here i'm kelly i'm 27 have 3 lovely kids and a wonderful hubby,i'm suffering from a touch of depression as my hubby is ill but my main concern is my weight. anyway...............my dad told me about someone he worked with who had been doing the slim-fast diet with a twist she has 4 shakes a day n no food and shes lost alot of weight over 4 stone i think he said, anyway i was going to try this but didnt know if it was any good my friend told me about lipotrim but for me its a little expensive as i dont work i'm a full time mum and carer to my husband so were on benefits and it doesnt go very far. does anyone know if the slim-fast version works at all?

kindly kelly xx
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hey hun, the slim fast version would prob work yeah BUT you will lack vital vitamins and minerals and will end up being really unwell..

cambridge diet is the same as liptrim BUT you get alot more choice in packs.. and its between roughly costs about £34 (depending on counciller) but its well worth every penny if you stick to it.. you get all the vitamins and minerals that you need..

It is expensive but its well worth it, i was also on benifits when i started, its hard but i worked it out and i bought shops own brands for the kids, and bought the cambridge packs, out of what i would usually spend on myself! you got to think, how important weight loss to you is? and what would you spend on shopping for you alone?

if you can not do it because of money issues, i would suggest trying weight watchers or slimming world.. (i personally had great success with slimming world, red days (low carb)

best of luck to you with what ever you decide :)


loves minimins
thanx hun i tried slimming world a few years ago but when i did red days i gained weight all the time i've been at weight watchers for a lond time on and off but i lose 1 week n gain the next even when i stick to it.i may try lipotrim/cambridge then
dont bother with lipotrim if you can help it.. lol i did it and it was so boring, give cambridge a go.. it really is worth it!

there are more choices with cambridge pack whys, you dont have to pay the ful amount, you can do different types you can do the 1000 cal... think its 2 packs a day plus a meal.. sure someone more knowledgable will come along and explain..

if you go here Cambridge Diet find a counsellor you will find a counciller in your area, give them a ring and arrange a meeting, they can go over the plans with you, to suit you needs..

i pay £34.50 a week for 21 packs (3 a day) because i am doing soul source thats all i have..


loves minimins
just looked on there website n there isnt a councioolr in my area nearset is manchester
hey try ringing them in the morning, some councillers havent advertised on the site yet.. 0800 161412

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