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Which diet should I do ? stressed & confused.


I am feeling a bit deflated lately. I lost 7 stones on The Cambridge Diet, and have had to stop due to not having enough money for it (no matter how many times I have juggled our budget around!) Then I have been doing it on and off, still agonising over whether I can do it or not and at the same time going chocolate-mad (even worse than before I started Cambridge) I put on about 2 stone. Now, I still cannot afford Cambridge so Ive decided to give WeightWatchers a go. Ive lost 2.5 stones with WW before but it takes sooo long, I find it depressing. I was losing 5 lbs a week on CD, whilst average weight loss was 2lbs last time I did WW. The internal argument I keep having with myself (should I do weightwatchers or CD (Because I think to me, not paying off a bit of my debt may be worth it if it means I lose weight quickly and get healthier to my goal, as Im not sure Ive got the patience for WW at the mo, as Im Best Man at a wedding coming up and wont be able to get down to my desired weight with WW by then.) Oh, Im confused and stressed. Please help. What would you do in my place ?
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Well obviously being on WW Im biased but if you put 2 stones on as soon as you came off CD Id question whether going back on it is a good idea. WW is slower but its a new way of life, it helps you deal better with portion control and craviings and if you 'need' chocolate you can have it within your points allowance which may stop the binging. I know CD does work for a lot of people but in the long run whats better, a slower permanent loss, or a fast result which is going to yoyo


Hiya Chucks!!
Ditto what Starlight has said really.
I dont know much about CD diet but i do know WW works long term,in fact i dont really see it as a diet just a healthy way of eating.
You can spend your daily points allowance however you choose too (how good is that)
Good Luck with whatever you decide.
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Hi Paul - blimey you have come so far having lost 71lbs. That's brilliant.

WW is a great diet (I did a vlcd before) and yes, it is slower but far more likely to teach you how to eat responsibly in the "real world"

Do you only have 9lbs to go as your ticker says or is that to a mini goal? If so, WW would be absolutely fine for you.

Getting to goal is just the first part - maintaining your weight loss (as you have seen with your chocolate fest ;)) is way more difficult and I think WW seems to have a pretty good success rate at keeping us in check....

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
Starlight - I only put on the 2 stone because I ate loads of chocolate (didnt even care about trying to eat properly) and because I didnt finish the diet preoperly.

Less Rotund One - My ticker is completely wrong, I havent changed it for ages and ages, as I havent updated my Diet Diary for the same amount of time. I would be happy when I am down to 16 stones. My original goal was 14 stones, but I think 16 is more realistic at the minute.


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Hi Paul, Just wanted to say well done on your loss so far, Im sure whichever option you choose will get you to your goal.
I agree that WW is more of a lifestyle change than a diet, therefore may be exactly what you require?
2lbs is average, but if you look around the diaries you will see that people get all kinds of results at WI's.
Whichever you choose, good luck and congrats on getting this far xx


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I did CD and am losing the last stone with WW. Towards the end the constant failures in trying to get back on track started to really depress me so i made a complete break and am glad of it. Yes it's slower but i'm really enjoying the varied diet and with a bit of exercise the diet really looks after itself.

I've lost 6 lbs and have about 11 to go and have accepted that this is gonna happen slow time but it WILL happen.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do - but just take a look at Starlight's diary! She has done amazing and has stayed on track! A real inspiration to us all
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I will chip in with my opinion. I moved to WW having done another VLCD. Both diets have there plus points and I am thankful for the initial weight lose that I got from the VLCD. I decided to go to WW to introduce food as it was the least expensive option. What I will say is that towards the end of my VLCD I was only losing 3lbs a week and on WW I am losing around 2lb so after the initial lose after moving into ketosis my weight lose has been around the same.

As a guy the weight lose tends to be a little higher than for women (in my experience) so I would expect you to lose it slightly faster than you think.

At the end of the day, the decision is best made by you. Most of the people on here will say WW and on the CD they will say its best with them.

Also it would be good to have another guy on the WW forum :D

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