Which George Foreman grill?


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I was wondering if anyone could recommend a GF lean mean grilling machine please. I fancy one as a pressie for christmas but, at a minimum, I want removeable plates. Can anyone recommend a model or doesn't it really matter?
I didn't know there were any with removable plates.

I have had two and have to say, we rarely use the oven for anything. There is not many things you can not cook on a George.

With regard to choice, there are almost too many models and given I didn't know about the removable plates, I'm not really in a position to give advice :eek: :eek: :eek: ;) ;) ;)
Ditto - never knew there were ones with removeable plates. We had the 'small' one but upgraded to the wider one (you can cook approx 7 burgers in one go) plus veg! :cool:
we use a large one at work, we cook all the bacon and sausages on it (that means lots) it doesn't have removeable plates either but like everyone says it is really easy to clean.

I've got the small one too. I can easily fit two good size turkey or chicken steaks on it.

The plates don't remove but as alot of us have already said, they are very easy to wipe clean:)

I have one with removeable plates ... it's very easy to clean. Cooks chicken really well but my veg has been a bit hit and miss, particularly courgettes!!
TBH you dont need removable plates. Its got a non stick coating and cleans down perfectly just with soapy water as long as you clean it when its still hot. The drip tray that goes under it acts as a really good dirty water catcher as well. The fact that the thing heats up to a hot hot temperature means that there is no need to scald it. Because your already killing the germs as soon as you put in on. It takes me a max of 2 mins to clean mine!!
I bought that sort of thing from Lidl for £19.99. It has removable plates, which suits me cos I'm a lazy cow and just shove them in the dishwasher. My only quibble with it is finding somewhere to keep it, my kitchen is very cluttered.
Removable plates are the best!!

I wouldnt worry about the model tho, mine is the basic one with removable plates and its ace!

The removable plates are on the newer 'next generation models'.

Other than that the model to get would depend on what or how much you would wish to cook at anyone time. Mine is probably in the region of 10 inches by 12 inches. Can't measure it at the moment cause I'm at work and it's at home. But that will adequate cook a meal for one, as in a chicken breast/chop/steak and veggies for one. Or a couple of steaks etc.

Their are of course the ones that work as griddle as well, but it would all depend on what you would use it for.

In terms of cooking, try to get everything a similar thickness. The plates need to be in contact on both sides in order to cook things properly. And don't be afraid to start something and add other items later, cooking times may be shorter for everything, but they will not change relative to each other. Finally, tomatoes on George are lovely, but very sticky and prove difficult to clean off if left on too long (either in cooking or afterwards) hence removable plates ome in.
Ours is a lean mean next generation, model 12205. It is fantastic as it has removable plates & floating hinges - what the floating hinges do is allow you to have uneaven sizes of food on as it does not have to be the same height on either side - great if you are doing different foods. We use it about 4 or 5 times a week!

I was bought a small George as a gift - it didn't have removeable plates and I found the cleaning to be a real turn off. However - Comet sell specially designed GF cleaning sponges (3 for a fiver) which are ace and now cleaning it takes 2 seconds! Would definitely recommend them.
Cuisinart,!!! i have one and its wonderful!!
It has removable plates and has griddle plates and smooth plates. It can open flat out and you can use both sides at once, with different plates if you want to do a whole cooked breakfast on it. i have fried eggs and used no oil and they were great!!
You can do pannini on it as it has floating hinges and you can also fit about 5 regular chick breasts on it.
I got mine from an on line shop but I would look on ebay! I also got a free mini processor with it, which i sold on ebay for £35! it was £99
Can anyone tell me about nuwave or any similar infrared cooking device.
DH with his usual gadget fetish wants us to get one.
We have the one with removable plates and it is fantastic! It also has the griddle plate and other bits and bobs... dead easy to use and even easier to clean. We love it!

I think that we got ours from Argos and it is brilliant!
George foreman grills are 50% off at Argos. You should take a look before you order one elsewhere. Good Luck with the decision. It's amazing the range of different ones!

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I got a colours one...

I kinda got swept up in the frenzy...hardly used it