Which iphone app?


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You can still use iwatchr - there is a formula about for the custom calculator, certainly on the ww forums. I use the ww app but i think you only get the tracker if you subscribe online x


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I think there is a generic propoint calculator if you search for Weight Watchers via the apps app lol!


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I got the formula off of this website i think for iWatcher and it appears to be accurate.

Go into calculator and configure

Change Field 1 to Protein and divide by 10.99

Change Field 2 to Carbs and divide by 9.17

Change Field 3 to Fat and divide by 3.89

Change Field 4 to Fibre and divide by 34.48

Turn Half-Point Rounding to ON

(just looking at my phone, so hope its still right, lol!)

If it gives you half point values (i.e 9.5pts) round up to say 10 and that is the new propoint value.

Hope this helps



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I use pro points uk and it's fab. The calclator is accurate (i've checked it against ww and calclator.net and point.ogo). It counts up ur pp's n deducts weeklies automatically. Cost £1.19. Bloody bargain!


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Hi guys, I use the free WW app, it has a tracker including activity points, a calculator, recipes everything u need really, it has loads of foods on a database so you can find almost anything, also if you edit on the app it edits online too :) Bev xx


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Oops forgot to say you need to either be subscribed online or have a monthly pass to use all the functions :)