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Which Packs do you Like?!

Discussion in 'Slim and Save - 100%' started by jem_jem, 25 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. jem_jem

    jem_jem Full Member

    Well I have taken the plunge and ordered my first month's worth of Slim and Save tonight.

    I lost around 10stone 2 years ago on LighterLife and I had managed to keep most of it off- until the end of last year. My fiance ended our relationship and I had to find a flat to move into on my own. Felt really down and had a little "pity party" for a while comfort eating, binge eating and drinking to numb the pain. I have went from 12st7lb to 16st7lb in 6 months. It really goes on just as quick as it can come off!

    I want to take control of my life and become the person I got a chance to like before.

    I ordered my packs and just wondered what everybody's favourites were? I cannot wait to get my packs and start a brand new journey!

    Hopefully I can make some new friends along the way too!

    Jem xxx
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  3. MamaC

    MamaC Silver Member

    Hi Jem :)

    Iv only been on Sns a few days after swapping g from another vlcd but I love it so far! My fave shake so far is the crispy chocolate which is delicious, fave meal hmm I'm tied between the chilli and the mac n cheese lol I have enjoyed everything I have tried though! Toffee shake, cookies n cream shake, mild curry, strawberry shake etc its all a very personal thing though based on your own tastes!
    Best of luck and welcome there is some fab advice on here
    Cec xx
  4. Fedupfattie

    Fedupfattie New Member

    I only started properly today, but my husband started a few days ago and i have tried some of his packs! So far today I have had

    Breakfast: Maple, fruits and almond bar was nice
    Lunch: Cookies n Cream shake...vile spent the next 2 hours trying not to bring it back up! It smelt lovely when i was making it, but it just made me gag drinking it! Disappointed thought it would be lovely.
    Dinner: I am currently eating my dinner Chilli and its lovely. Really surprised at that!

    Good luck and will post more as the days go on!
  5. jem_jem

    jem_jem Full Member

    I had to change my order as they were low on some stuff.

    Oh No! I have 10 of the Cookies and Cream coming! I will just get on with them.

    Really excited to start- I have emptied out my cupboards and fridge. All that is in my fridge is sparkling water and cans of coke zero! :)

  6. hunca

    hunca Silver Member

    Quicker to list the ones I don't like

    o hazelnut shake
    o cafe latte shake
    o tomato soup
  7. Fedupfattie

    Fedupfattie New Member

    aww no im sorry!! Maybe you will get on better with the Cookies and Cream than I did.

    supposed to have 4 packs a day but i couldnt manage another on last night, i felt really really sick it was awful. My tummy was so sore!
    Today is another day, tummy still a bit tender but feel loads better.
    Breakfast (9am): Dark Chocolate truffa bar, was gorgeous will def be getting more
    Lunch (1.30pm): Vegetable soup made with hot water, then heated a bit in the microwave and added a little bit of ground pepper was the best thing i have had so far was yummy. No chemical taste just like a real cup a soup :)
    Dinner (6pm) : Will be having mushroom pasta as I have seen people raving about it on here...will update on this later

    supposed to be fitting another product in at some time after that so may have a shake for my pudding as I have loads of them to get through. Im just nervous to try another, incase its as bad as the cookies and cream one :).

    Hows everyone doing today?

  8. weasey

    weasey Gold Member

    Hi Jem_Jem, how're things?! I used both LL and SnS packs combined as I much preferred most of the SnS packs - especially the meal ones, which are sooo much nicer than LL... Also, just a note that if you post on the main SnS forum rather than the 100% subforum you'll probably get more responses. Good luck!
  9. Willbesize12

    Willbesize12 Full Member

    Iv been a bit nervy bout the soups, thought they might not be filling enough so have made them up thicker & used them as sauces.

    Tomato with quorn mince, veg & fettuccine (slim pasta) delish!

    Mushroom or chicken soup as a sauce with chicken beef or turkey stir fry is yummy too!

    I have all of my shakes hot with a tsp of coffee, they arnt a million miles away from a costa :)

    Cottage pie is nice with quorn mince & swede chips.

    Mushroom pasta & macaroni r both nice.

    I love all of the bars :D white choc & lemon mmmmmm.

    Hope u r well :) good luck with ur s&s journey :D

  10. jem_jem

    jem_jem Full Member

    Well today was my first S&S day!

    I had.....
    The chicken soup- actually quite liked this. Was lovely, almost like a cup-a-soup!
    The macaroni- not 100% sure about it, but maybe I put too much water in it! Will try again and see if I get it better.
    The Milk Truffa Bar- YUM! It was lovely, just on the small side! :(
    The caramel milkshake- YUM! Love this already!!!

    Not hungry at all! I CAN do this!!! :bliss:

    Hope you are all having as great a day as me!
    Jem xx
  11. jem_jem

    jem_jem Full Member

    Hi Weasey!

    I think I remember you from the LL forum! Nice to see you have done so well and kept it all off! Go you!

    Will be asking you for lots of S&S tips! :) xxxxx

  12. weasey

    weasey Gold Member

    I'm a bit heavier than I would like to be (by arund 10 to 12 lbs) but am chuffed with that to be honest. Yep - that was me on the LL forum - welcome here! The macaroni cheese and mushroom pasta are more like a sauce really rather than a meal - I'm not keen on them but people do like them with their vegetable allowance. Personally I preferred the meals like chilli con carne, spicy spaghetti and cottage pie which are more like meals in their own right. Some of the bars are lovely but they are small when compared to LL ones...
  13. jem_jem

    jem_jem Full Member

    Uh oh! Mild Curry is not a winner for me! Even the smell is making me gag!

    On my "not to get again" list!

    Although I have enjoyed pretty much everything else so far! Sooo much variety with Slim and Save. I can actually see this diet working!

    Although I have a second date tonight- he knows I am on this but he wants me to have a few drinks with him so he doesn't feel awkward drinking on his own. Would it be terrible for me to just drink coke zero and pretend I am drinking?! I can see no harm in this! I have been so good all week. No lapses. No problems. Actually feel bad to say I have found it easy so I don't want to muck things up now!

    What do you think I should do? xxx
  14. Willbesize12

    Willbesize12 Full Member

    Good for you chick!

    Go on the date, enjoy getting ur gladrags on & doing your hair & makeup will be a great end to ur week!

    If he's worth keeping he'll understand why ur drinking coke zero!

    Hope u have a good one :D

    Gem xxx

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  15. weasey

    weasey Gold Member

    If he isn't happy that you are making a choice not to drink then is he the kind of person you want a relationship with? Just stick to your coke zero and let him know that you don't mind him drinking. If he has a problem with that then remember that it's his problem - don't let your adaptive child out...
  16. Georgina_08

    Georgina_08 New Member

    Ooh hi guys! I was also on LL in 2011 - Feb until August time. Safe to say I am here as I didn't quite manage the maintenance part despite sailing through the diet itself. I am starting SnS on Monday as its my Birthday on Friday and partner wanted to take me away for the weekend before I started. Am planning 30 weeks of 100%. Hopefully losing 7-8stone. I lost 6 stone on lightlerlife last time but didnt get to goal and stopped as I moved and had to change counsellors. We really didn't get on and so I quit thinking I could do it alone...I maintained for about 6 months and then it has just all come back in the last year or so. Not good. Determined I need to do it myself this time as when I lost my counsellor before is when it all went awry!
    jem_jem I think you should definitely go out and just stick to the CZ. Have a great time! As weasey said, if he is worth it then he won't care about you not drinking :)
    I ordered a weeks worth of packs to try them out before starting. So far, I have only tried the bars and Mac cheese and Mushroom pasta. I really didn't like the bars but think I could eat the milk truffa and lemon if they were refigerated and cut up into bits. Mac cheese was bearable but would need some veg and mushroom pasta was ok! On LL i only liked the porridge, veg soup, 2 bars and vanilla shake microwaved into a muffin. It was a long 6 months! I am hoping I like a few more on SnS as there is more choice! Crossing my fingers and will try as many more as I can tonight - seems a waste to make it all and only have a tiny teaspoon but from LL experience I know I just cant stomach the packs I dont like! Crossing my fingers that I like them!
    George x
  17. lisalollipop13909

    lisalollipop13909 Silver Member

    Hi jem
    I'm quite similar to you except my relationship broke up few days ago. Heartbroken....loved him soooo much! Trying not to comfort eat. I'm 15 stone I have 6 stone to lose. Hopefully we can help each other out and would love the support of everyone else too x gutted abt my ex but need to get on and feel better abt myself xxx
  18. reddoor

    reddoor Member

    cookies and cream was like drinking dough - unpleasant but a winner if you like dough..
    mac cheese -odd. It was nice but in a fact american cheese sort of a way
    strawberry - great, not synthetic tasting, yummy
    chocolate - good
    chilli- it was impressive but I didn't like it
    spicy spag - brilliant
    banana- a good sweetie hit, tasted like those foam banana sweets
    lemon bar - very rich
    maple bar - grim, way too rich
    trufa bars -good

    Overal I'm pleasantly surprised, once I've figured out what works for me I can imagine sticking with this. The food is all very flavoursome and rich that it fills me up.
  19. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    Cottage pie
    Tomato chilli
    Spicy spaghetti
    Mushroom pasta
    Strawberry wafer
    Vanilla wafer
    Chocolate wafer
    Chocolate shake

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