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Which programme??

Hi everyone! I'm still waiting for my CDC to get back to me, so I thought I'd ask some questions on here. I was wondering how the programmes worked , with regards to height n bmi etc I'm around 5'7 but I did read somewhere that the taller u are the more shakes etc u need, is this right? And does your bmi depend on which programme you use? Also how economical would ppl say this diet was? I'm so worried it's gonna cost me a fortune ESP with two kids to feed lol, sorry for the silly questions , but your answers would be greatly appreciated :) :) xxx
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Hi I'm 5ft 7 I have 3 packs if ur 5th 8 u have 4 , although it's expensive I think I actually save money because u don't need any it's helped me manage money better , the plan u go on depends on you and how much u have to loose I find sole source the best because it's quick results and u have no temptation x
Thanks jembo, yeah I was thinking the same about the costs etc , especially when I think about the take aways, wine and nibbly bits I have throughout the week. I have around 10 stone to loose so a fair bit :-( but hopefully this will the start of a new me! Thanks for your advice xx
Wow that's amazing!! Well done you, you've really inspired me loads now! Did you find it hard? My partner is such a good cook I know I'm gonna really miss his yummy food :-( but wearing nice clothes and feeling confident out weighs this by millions! Did you start on ss? Xx
It's the easiest diet I've ever done :) I do miss food but not because ur hungry but the weight u lose outweighs that. My Boyfriend eats all yummy stuff still but I love feeling slimmer I'm 9 lb off target now and im heading towards a size ten nothing tastes better than that :) I was a 22 xxx
Thanks amazing well done you!
I bet you're so proud! I'm around that now, being a size 10 would be a dream although I'd be happy with a 16 at the mo lol. But seriously well done, you've done so so well! What will you do when u get to target? xx
I'm hoping in the next few weeks off to new York in 15 days so I'd like to be. Close as then. Will put on a few pounds then but be nice to be a close as I can be. If I can do it mate anyone can . U will do fab xx
Aww wow well hope you have a wonderful time in new York. I think for me , when I'm near target putting a few pounds on wouldnt be a huge prob as When I'm happy with my weight I find it easier to diet/exercise....yet when I'm unhappy intend to comfort eat, if that makes sense? Did you do SS all the way through? Xx
Ok I'm not if I'll be able to do SS cuz of my bmi :-( someone tole me if it's 40 + u need to do the one where u eat or something? Im not sure what mine is but I'm guessing it's around that xxx
Good point! Thanks, well keep your fingers crossed for thurs! (I'm so nervous!!) thanks for all your lovely advice! I need to get to 50 posts on here but hopefully we can keep in contact! You've been a real inspiration xxx


Bouncy Castle
S: 19st4lb C: 12st5.5lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 30.7 Loss: 6st12.5lb(35.74%)
there is a new version of the higher plan for starters over bmi 40 which makes up the extra calories with a 4th pack and milk - so if you don't want to deal with food you could ask your cdc about that.

i was over bmi 40 when i started and my cdc bent the rules so i could start on just packs (the 'with milk' plan wasn't around then). I couldn't have coped with food - if i could eat in moderation i'd have done slimming world or weight watchers years ago.

regarding costs - it isn't cheap (i'm buying two weeks worth tonight, and that seems like a huge amount! especially cos it's about the only big thing i pay for in cash) - but i'm def saving money. first, there's groceries. then takeaways. lunches at work. wine at home. nights out on the lash. the bottle of fizzy drink whenever i went out or drove any distance. treats when paying for petrol. I pay £42ish for 21 packs and i swear some weeks i would have easily spent that on booze... :eek:
Thanks hun, I have to admit I prob spend around £40 a week just on me anyway lol. My oh isn't happy bout me doing it, he thinks it's a waste of money, but a he doesn't have issues with food and b he's not overweight! So I guess he'll never get it! So if your bmi is higher I'm guessing you have to pay more ? My CDC said the meals are about £2 each over the phone xxx


Bouncy Castle
S: 19st4lb C: 12st5.5lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 30.7 Loss: 6st12.5lb(35.74%)
if you do a plan that involves food, obviously it'll be your three packs a day, plus the price of food. if you go on to four packs plus milk, then you'll be buying more packs. It's a shame your OH isn't more supportive. it would really help. certainly there's no reason he shouldn't be cooking for the kids if he's at home when they need to eat, doing the supermarket run, etc.

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