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Which VLCD is best?

There are 4 (that I know of) VLC diets, LL, LT, W8 and CD

Does anyone know which is meant to have the best weight loss or what the main differences are between them?

I know that LT is 420 Cals
W8 is 480 Cals plus milk

and their carbs are the same but which diet is the best for weight loss ??
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In my opinion as a weight loss tool they will all be pretty much the same, each system will have their own flavours and ways of working but at a weight loss level there really isn't going to be too much in it!


rainbow brite

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It really all depends on what you're looking for in a VLCD...


Queen of the Damned
I think Pam, each person will tell you that their VLCD is best, because that's the one they chose. You need to have a cruise about, check out the different programmes, and see which one suits your lifestyle.
Mike how many cals are in CD?
Yes thanks that does help, thats prob why W8 include milk then so that it makes up the cals and they can do it on-line without GP permission.
Whats a stickie?


Queen of the Damned
Whats a stickie?
When you go into a forum (this one is Lipotrim Forum) at the top of all the posts you will see the 'stickies' - these tend to be information threads/posts that are frequently asked questions, so we 'stick' them to the top to make they easy to find :)


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I started doing Lipotrim then changed over a few weeks ago to CD. I did look at LL but the cost was prohibitive. Cd and LT cost around £36.00 - £40.00 depending on where you live however LL include a support network it costs around £70.00 per week. I can't comment on W8 as i've only heard of that one on this site.
The CD has more flavours and choices compared to LT and you get weighed by someone who has expereinced the diet. At LT I was weighed at a chemists by a member of staff.
My one piece of advice for whichever you choose is make sure that it is convenient for you to get there as you need to commit to it.
with regards and good luck in your journey


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IMAC are you ss or ss+ on CD?


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S: 19st6lb C: 19st3lb G: 12st4lb Loss: 0st3lb(1.1%)
Thanks am on the verge of making the swap sometime within next couple of weeks so am looking at the weight losses etc


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S: 19st4lb C: 19st4lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 46.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I went camping to France for 3 weeks so ate "normally" during that time - came back having gained 4 pounds so that was like 4 weeks off .
I've found once you are into it the weight comes off - I changed to CD because I felt the chemist was fine but when the assistants weighed me they made odd remarks which although meant well actually made me feel really patronised - such as why don't you just stop eating as much, its a bit drastic, etc etc.
So here I am , now on CD and watching my teenager lounge around in pjs and eating toast !!! I could throttle her :)

The weight losses on all VLCD are excellent providing you stick to it ! There is also an element where men appear to lose faster than ladies and younger people quicker than mouldy oldies (like me)
good luck with it
Thanks everyones for your answers, its really interesting seeing the different persepectives, it seems like CD have more options, but W8 has food and I do like food :D its nice to have something hot to sit down with in the evening and join the family eating instead of shovering with another cold drink :D

Not much from LL camp and i know nothing about LL
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Hi Pam, As Rainbow Brite said it depends what you want from a VLCD. LL offers counselling but is more expensive. CD also have counsellor, who have usually lost weight on it themselves and they offer more choices as well as adding a meal. I don't know about W8 as I had never heard of it before readin on this site. I'm on LT coz it is cheap, convenient for me as the chemist is a 10 minute walk away, and the lack of choice (3 shakes, soup -ergh - and flapjacks) has made me more detached from food and easier to break my bad habits - though I love ALL the shakes!!!! I decided against CD after reading on here about all the choice as I didn't feel I would be able to stop at one choccie bar!!!!! Chocolate was definitely my downfall in the past!

All I would say is go for whatever fits in with your life most easily as you can always change if you want to. I do think that with LL you have to sign up for a minimum of 10 weeks but I don't really know for certain.

Good luck with whichever plan you decide on.


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