which was the worst day for you?


I am heading towards the end of day 3 on cambridge and i don't feel too bad.
I am expecting it to get worse,i have had headaches but nothing too bad.

So come on humour me and tell me your worst day of cd ss.

thanks sam :)
I am only a day ahead of you but saturday evening I felt a bit naff ,headachy and tierd so went to bed early,however I was working till the early hours of Saturday morning so could have just bene that :)

Goo Luck


I am on LL abstinence..and I'd say what your experiencing was the worst i suffered it just got better from there!

Good Luck
You could be over the worst, some people dont get too bad, especially if you cut out the carbs before hand, chug the water down and keep going x
First few days are the worst - definitely. The worst for me were probably days 4 and 5 after the novelty had worn off and the reality of what I was doing hit me ..... but once I had the first weigh in, all was well with the world and I have never looked back and never regretted a thing!

I am on day 9, only effect on me was when The o/h bought home an indian on Friday night and the smell.........yum! I wanted to eat it, but I went and ran a bath with a kush bathbomb, shut the door and soaked for an hour. That killed that. When I came out and the smells mixed.... ugh! Turned my stomach. So, stopped me from wanting it. My problem is I am now ill and feel like rubbish. Came on here for advice on what to take but going to bed. x
Psychologically, the 1st day is the worst for me.

Which day did you say "this is getting easier"?
I'm on LL and day 5 and 6 were horendous for me but I did have many last suppers!!!! from day 7 I have felt fantastic, now on day 20!!
For me it wasnt the first few days, yeah i felt headachy and hungry but expected that. Its now, a couple of weeks in and really wanting real food thats the worse.