While the rest of the family eats!

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    How does everyone on here cope while the rest of your family is eating??

    Coming to the end of my second week on CD now and I am finding it easier to live with the rest of the family eating as normal.

    Wife had fish and chips the other night and I was completely fine with it, in fact I even went to get it for her.

    I have cooked meals for her and our little boy and we have had a few picnics in the nice weather and so far I am coping and managing to mix up my soups and shakes and get on with it.

    I wondered how everyone else is getting on and how much support are you getting from your spouse, family etc....
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    HI FBSliming.

    I cook for my son and at the same time I dish up for him I make my soup, so I sit with him. I move in with my BF end of next week, so it will be harder, but will carry it on as need the loss to continue, as long as you stay in control of what you are doing, thats half the battle won in my books.. My BF doesn't even know I'm on CD, lol.. but will do soon, will have to tell him as I'm making up my soups and shakes. I do have the AAM, on SS+, but just back from a weekend away and doing ss to remove the excess i've gained, but will be back on ss+ next week anyway. So that 200 cal meal for me will be easy to manage with the whole family then eating, I'll be able to as well, just different food.
  4. Sunshine Singer

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    Hiya, well done, sounds like you're doing great.

    I've no kids but live with OH and socialise lots. I decided right from the start to surround myself with people eating. At work I'll happily chat with the girls in the canteen where I am surrounded by all that food I'd eat on a daily basis. I actually find my OH's cooking a comfort and just enjoy the smells. It's a great feeling that I can do this, I never could before CD life. :)

    My OH is cooking for himself which is brilliant. Not sure how i'd deal with cookin for others at the moment.

    The very fisrt time I tried SS over a year ago, we both did it together and not for long. It felt un-natural to me not having any foodie smells at all.....which is why I don't have a problem with it now.

    Good work you xxx
  5. A.W.

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    Wow FBS! I think its great that you can cope with the smell of fish and chips and not crave it!

    Am dreading dinner tonight as the rest of the fam will be eating normal food. But I think Sunshine Singers attitude is the way forward - I suppose by surrounding yourself with these sights/smells now instead of sitting in isolation, its less of a temptation to go off track when the waft of freshly cooked food comes floating through from the kitchen!

    Hope your determination keeps going strong!

    A x
  6. emmapetty

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    It varies for me, my days are so different. Most of the time cooking and watching HB eat I'm fine. Other days I'm not. On days that I'm not ok I jump in the shower during meal times, or take a bath. Go for a drive, and I've even signed up to aqua fit.

    I think maybe you should find a hobby you will enjoy or 'do' something rather than sit around and watching, it can be torture!!!
  7. curlywurly1234

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    Hi Fbs,
    Your doing really well.. It can be hard when everyone is eating around you. I have 2 little boys so I have always been used to having the food around as I cook there meals ect... My husband tends to make his own which is good..... As soon as my little boys have finished there food I put fairly liquid on it and throw it straight away.. as before joining cd one of my big problems was picking at there food..

    I must say when my husband has chinese I take myself off, but mainly it doesnt bother me at all.
  8. mollydog

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    slimming world
    Well done so far. It's not bothering me at the moment either and i'm finding that i am actually putting more effort into getting my cookbooks out and making from scratch. I've also been doing home baking, my OH takes meals to work and i find that buying cereal bars etc is expensive and he prefers homebaked flapjacks, fairy cakes and such like. Usually baking is an absolute must for scraping the bowl but not a drop has passed my lips.
    Good luck.
  9. charlie's_angel

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    I'm coping pretty well. I cook for my OH most of the time and I don't find it too difficult. I'm also quite happy to sit at the table with him whilst he has his dinner and I have my CD meal!
  10. tillyfloss

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    on the most part I sit with them and chat, catching up with the day (i have 4 children)
    If it is a particular favourite of mine, I excuse myself from the kitchen and eat my soup or shake elsewhere!
    On week 12 now and at times it is still hard but I just keep reminding myself why I'm doing it:)

    You are doing well..

  11. chickenpie

    chickenpie Cambridge Diet Councellor

    I am coping pretty well being around food. I find I am cooking even more that usual. I spend my days making beautiful packed lunches for my otherhalf to take to work, and then give him a sumptuous evening meal. I fear I am turning into a feeder.....:eek:
    I have a chip shop so I am around temptation all day, but it doesn't bother me really, in the evening when I bring home leftovers I just leave OH to it and go off to make my shake feeling virtuous!:D
  12. chickenpie

    chickenpie Cambridge Diet Councellor

    I am actually finding the 810 all good at the minute, I started last week, and by weigh in yesterday, I had lost 3lb (and that was with a blip on Thursday- don't try this at home!!)The week before I lost 2lb on ss, so it just goes to show moving up a plan can speed things along.
    It sounds strange but if the body is taking in too few calories it will go into starvation mode and hang on to any food you put in therefore slowing weightloss. Going up to 810 definately helped me to kick start things, and as a bonus I got to eat food!
    My typical day on 810 is:
    9.30am- porridge
    2.30pm chocolate tetra
    4.00pm meal (quorn and 3 tablespoons of veg)
    9.00pm- hot shake

    Hope this helps:D
  13. chickenpie

    chickenpie Cambridge Diet Councellor

    opps think I replied to the wrong thread d'oh.....
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