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Who cooks from scratch and doesn't use many WW products


I want to be fitter again
I am thinking of joining weight watchers so i had a quick look through some of the food diaries for an idea of what can be eaten.
Please can anyone tell me if they have a food diary on here where they haven't guestimated the points and not used WW meals or much junk food. I like to cook all my meals from scratch and would like to fins some diaries on here with similar. Thank you in advance for your help x
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If you go into the weight loss diaries and find mine, i have several recipes in their, and one really good one for toad in the hole.
My food diary only has a couple of entries in it but the BNS and Red Pepper Soup was made from scratch as was the lasagne and wedges. Tomorrow will be cottage pie or Chicken and Potato pie, both from scratch. All my recipes are never guestimated as I like to be really accurate. I also find that when meals are made from scratch, your portion sizes are loads bigger! Most of my evening meals are made from scratch too, only very occasionally do I use a ready meal. x


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
I made home made colslaw and you get soooooooo much more for your points if you make it yourself and it tastes so much nicer!
What I did when I started ww was write out a list of my favourite evening meals then worked out a way of making them with as little points as possible. I will be totally honest, there is absolutely no evening meal I feel deprived off in the slightest, I eat all my favourite meals and now when I think of how I used to cook my meals it horrifies me at how unhealthy they actually were. I know for definate that I will always cook my meals my new healthy way as they do not feel like I am missing out in the slightest and they do not feel like I am on a diet. I am on 18 points a day so I have to make my points stretch out each day and what I tend to do is eat 7 points for lunch and breakfast then I have a really hearty dinner that fills me up for 7 points, things like lasagne, steak, pizza, roast dinners, cottage pie etc etc. I then have a few points left over for a couple of treats. I normally have toast or porridge for breakfast which I really love. My only gripe would be that for lunch I tend to have soup as its probably the most filling thing for me to have but really I would rather eat things like toasties, bacon butties, sausage sarnies lol. Once I get to goal I will treat myself to these things at weekends though. I hope what I am trying to say makes sense lol. Basically you can most definatel eat gorgeous meals cooked from scratch which are very low in points!


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
low/ish point calzone! 8.5pts ( can be lower if no meat is used )

scone base 6pts:
100g self raising flour
25g light than light flora
8tbsp skimmed milk

add all the above together in a bowl and mix into a dough, addd the milk bit by bit because 8tbsp is an estimate.

roll out into a circle about 5mm thick.

the filling (adjust to your taste)
puree some tomatos and spread across the base
40g healthy living mozzarella 1.5pts
free vegies
10 slices wafer thin ham/beef/chicken/turkey ham 1pt

slice/rip the mozzerella and scatter on on half of the base, add in the cooked vegies, courgette and brocolli were in mine, then rip the ham and scatter too.

using a pastry brush paint some milk around the entire edge of the base and then fold over the "empty" side of the base to make what resembles a giant pasty. glaze the top with some milk, prick it with a fork and put in an oven at 180 degrees for about 20-30 minutes until its golden

this makes a fairly large calzone and thus u can adjust the recipe to make a smaller base size and reduce the points.
i served mine with salad

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