Who doesn't do AAM?


Finally...Life begins
Without causing any arguements!! I just wondered who doesn't do AAM?

I have chosen not too, but occasionally have a one day AAM when I feel I need too. I plan to do AAM correctly when I am about 1-2 stone away from goal and then do the remaining weight loss slowly.

Is everyone really against this? My CDC has never pressurised me into doing either, I just thought it was my choice!?:confused:
i chose not to do it, but am doing it now as part of stabilisation,

I chose not to for various reasons, one was that i judged i wouldnt be on this diet for much for than three months so didnt want to waste time and money eating on a week and not losing (but since realised by experience this isnt true) and also cos removing food for me was the key to the whle thing, and i didnt want to stop eating after a week, im an all or nothing girl and i didnt have enough confidence in myself to be able to go back to ss, i know now that part of it would have been true for me anyway.

My cdc never pushed me into it as i think she knows i am so stubborn :D
Hmmm see now i've been thinking about stopping my AAM as i was starving all day today. :(
It's such a struggle when you're hungry with kids to feed.. and sitting in a cafe today with the kids (at an indoor adventure playground type place) really really didn't help!!! i sooooo wanted to help the toddler with her chips! lol
BUT i didn't.. so that's a major step.

I have fish in the freezer for the next 2 days, but am not sure what to do. If i'm hungry tomorrow i just might bite the bullet.. or maybe have my meal at lunchtime?

What do you think?

I've been on SS for 7 months and have only just done AAM now that I'm starting stabilsation. I wanted to cut food out completely and it has worked for me.

I think it's up to the individual but it works really well for lots of people and they still seem to lose.

Jem x
I've been told by my cdc that I dont HAVE to do the AAM week, especially if I may have had 7 lunches/little meals throughout my first 4 weeks. To be honest, knowing me I am probably better off not doing it for a full week until I have lost quite a bit of weight, because I think it would just make it harder for me to SS again....

Purple, I know what you mean about helping the toddler with the chips...I cooked my lil girl a proper sunday dinner this evening and I just so wanted to finish the bits of chicken she left!!
I thought AAM was compulsory unless you have a letter from your GP :confused: something to do with COMA (medical org ?) not recommending that anyone VLCDs for more than 4 weeks at a time...??

I must admit I found it really hard to eat my AAM - cos I was so stuffed :eek: how times change !!!

Will be interested to see what the CDCs on here say....
I didn't do AAM for the first five and a half months. It was my own personal choice based on knowing what I'm like and what a terrible relationship I had with food.

I had my first AAM the week before last: it went OK and I lost 4lb. I felt mentally able to do it as I'd been out of the food arena long enough to have broken some bad habits and formed new coping strategies for those times when I'd have turned to food in the past.

Now I'm just over 2st from goal, I feel more confident to move towards incorporating food in another AAM and then as a part of the stablisation process.

I have no regrets about not doing AAM in the early days though.
ok.. that's it!
My AAM has ended last night - i'll keep the fish for the next 'round'.

I'm all but out of ketosis as of this evening.. when i was on 'trace' and I really really don't want to gain what i've lost! :eek:

Gotta keep on trucking......
At least i know i'm not the only one! :D Good thing is this time i was a lot more controlled than last AAM as then i was like F*** it, i can have a meal of whatever i want! :eek: :eek: yep.. i know!!

so... i'm getting there! ;)
Debz32 is right. The official CD guidelines are that everyone should do AAM, unless you have a written letter from your GP giving their permission. This is because current EU guidelines recommend that no one SSs for more than 4 weeks continuously. This is why LL ask clients to get their BP checked every month.

It's a good idea to do AAM as it breaks the SSing cycle and prevents you from becoming really scared of food. I totally understand peoples' concerns - I hated AAM but as this diet was devised and researched by doctors, I bow to their greater knowledge.

Having said that, as adults we all make our own choices. The guidelines are recommendations based on decades of experience that will keep you losing weight in the healthiest, safest way possible. CDCs should be asking for a doctor's letter from anyone not wanting to do AAM - but we don't live in a police state (yet! lol)

I will finish my aam week tommorow, i was not going to do it, but i looked at the loses posted and it didn't seem to make a difference to anyones weight loss, infact some people had good weight loses on aam week.

It is a bit of a pain though because you are with food again, [the enemy] and i think i have had a little more veg than i should off, but wednesday will tell?? xxx
It is a requirement of CD to do the AAM as Isobel states. If you want to miss this out you must have doctors permission, having said that we as CDC's cannot come home with you on AAM to make sure you are doing it.

Weightloss is not affected as such as you remain in ketosis if you are under 800 cals the scales may stop for a few days as you could retain a little fluid but fat burn continues. The week after AAM the losses are usually good compensating for the week when you hold on to a little fluid.

I always recommend AAM week as over the years it has always proven with my clients to be the best way to go, the results achieved have been fantastic.

At the end of the day it helps with portion control and we all will have to eat again.

I am due to start AAM on Wednesday, and have ummmed and ahhhed over it, I have decided to do it even though I think I may only need to SS for a few more weeks (my BMI is currently 25.7). My target weight is BMI is 24 and I hope to continue to introduce food in a gradual, controlled manner. My feelings are that if I do AAM, and stick to the correct portions, concentrate on how it makes me feel and what I feel if the urge comes to overeat. I will then return to SS until I reach BMI 25 and know that I can start AAM and follow the programme along properly.

If I were to skip AAM, I think I wold be more in danger of falling straight off the wagon, reintroducing food at goal weight and put it all back on.