Extra Easy Who doesnt it work for


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Hi would be really interesting to find out who cant do the plan ee.

I for one, it doesnt seem to like me but i love eating it.

Last year i tried it twice and first week was sts then i put on, so i went back to green/red, now this year being new moi new year i decided after 6 weeks break to stick to ee so i brought a 12 week countdown.

First week no wi due to snow, 2nd wi lost 2lbs which i was over the moon i thought 1lb a week is brilliant and i thought hey ho its working, 3rd week i put on 1.5lbs. That was it i gave up and now im doing green/red again, deep down i thought ive paid 50 for countdown i dont want to waste another week with a gain, if i lost a lb i would of been over moon especially eating both together, and i did everything correctly, when i had a roast and other meals that was veg friendly i would eat not 1/3 but 1/2 on plate :mad:.

Would be nice to find ppl that it didnt work for and now it does to see where i could of been going wrong as my C said everything was perfect
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it doesn't work for me either, if I do an EE week I will either STS or gain, I have never had a loss on EE although maybe if I stuck to it for a few weeks it would work just fine, I keep saying I will give it a go but I wimp out at the last minute - pathetic eh?


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I find EE works for me and i lose well. not everything is going to work for everyone. and i dont always stick to the 1/3 rule but i bulk up on fruit during that day and for puds and still have 1/3 Sf where possible and i dirnk loas of water! i make sure my meat is as lean as possible, i keep very strict with that. i can use all my syns and not have it affect my weight.

but also one thing i found is that certain items i thought were similar actually had very different syns values.

but i'm gonna stick with it cos it works.


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could you not do a mixture of the plans a different one each day and see how you go from there instead of giving up extra easy all together, i cannot for the life of me do green days so i am trying red and extra easy

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Metrognome is right Hun...try and mix up the plans as much as you can.
Im someone that EE doesnt work for either. I think its a brilliant idea, but I either sts or gain.
I stick to Green and Red Days and Im happy with that.


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S: 16st7lb C: 16st0lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 38.4 Loss: 0st7lb(3.03%)
Thanks metro and mrs v but yes i do mix my days up as this week done green day then red day, but normally i would just sick to green one week and i found that boring and red i was starving, hence me trying the 2 hour eating rule and im fuller when i do this :). I have done a diary i restarted a new one for this week as its a mixture :) thanks again girls xxxxx


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I have to be careful when doing EE, as its more flexiable and I can sometimes take advantage just because it is there. I try to have a set amount for each meal and gives me back the control. But generally, I only use EE if I have ackward day otherwise majoritry of the time do green :) saying that EE is a blessing when you have messed up!


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It doesn't work for me which is a shame as I love it,gained 2lbs this week after 7 day's on EE so back to red and green with 1 day EE thrown in.



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hi guys.. am a newbie :wave_cry: please be gentle lol

EE seems to be working for me - i've only been doing it 2 weeks though , last week i lost 4.5lbs and was buzzing! This week however i am not so sure, am weighing in this evening so i guess time will tell..


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I do EE during the week when I'm at work and green at the weekends as I like having the extra HEX'S while I'm slobbing out at home a bit hungover :D

It's taken me a LONG time to find out what works for me, only this year have I lost weight two weeks running - and this week has made it three - woo! Don't be scared about experimenting - we'll all get there in the end!

And welcome mazziecoupe! Well done on your lost and best of luck with your WI :D