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Who go's swimming and who belongs to a gym?**UPDATED**

Im just wondering how many of you belong to a gym and go swimming too?
Im very self-conscious and afraid to go swimming infront of people.
Im now under 18 stone and really want to start doing some swimming and excersise. Am i too big to join a gym.
My problem is i dont want to be going when all the 'skinny mins' are there because that'll make me feel very uncomfortable.
Any info is greatly welcomed please help me

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Morning Laurie - First of all no you are not to big to join the gym. I was 16s 7lb when I joined the gym (hubby is 26s 2lb), the instructor was lovely and I was honest with what I wanted. I told him I wanted to loose weight and to try as stop as much loose skin from the weight loss as possible.

I have not joined a gym like Cannons or David Lloyd, I joined my local leisure centre. I get access to the swimming pool, the classes they run and the gym all as part of my package.

I have always liked swimming just didnt do enough of it, now I feel much more happier and well those that look or make comments are those not work taking any notice off and if anyone is a bold to say anything then tell them that your working on your weight sadly it looks like they are destined to stay rude and arrogant!

I go to aqua aerobics too - Off there tonight actually and there are all shapes and sizes in the pool!! I love it, can not rave about it enough. Such a fab way to loose weight and because your in the water you dont look quite as bad when your already wet rather than looking sweaty (if you get my drift). The other thing about doing aqua aerobics is its all done in the water and so once your in no one is looking at you they are watching the instructor to keep up!! Its a real laugh too.

Look at the classes they run as I find these much better for constructive exercise rather than just randomly swimming in the pool (although I do normally spend 20 mins either before or after aqua aerobics) or using the machines in the gym. You need to find whats right for you


I hope thats helped. If you have any other Q's please just ask.
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ohh i wish we lived closer ,then we could both go-I too am really embarrased about who is looking at me, I so want to go,
but after having a look at myself in my size 30 costume !!!.....NOOOOOOOO

I know when people say -dont worry what other people think,but it is so hard to not worry, because you know what they are all saying - I think some of us are 'stronger' than others.
I know when I went to Egypt with my sister (she is size 10/12) 2 years ago , I wore the same swimsuit I have now and I know I looked really bad and I just thought if I dont get in the sea here I may never in my whole life get to do this again -
so I just got in and it was lovely. I did get some rude comments from people. But I just thought -I could be dead next week- so I know how you feel. I hope you can find the determination to go and stick 2 fingers up at them LOL and have a great time - and maybe I will aswell
good luck XX
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you know what honey sod everyone else i go to the gym and swim and i think it's got f and chuff all to do wiv anybody but me be proud of yourself for wanting to go and making that change in your life to get healthy. And if anybody says anything just think what a sad little life you have to be so concerned about mine. don't be self conscious because the only opinion that matters at the end of the day is your own . good luck !!!!!


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I'm in the same boat as u - i really wanna go swimming but at 19st7 i just cant bring myself to do it!!:( I always have the best of intentions and then when it gets to going i just bottle it. maybe when im under 19st i will re-consider. good luck!


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I recently joined the gym and I just ignore everyone else in there. I stick my ipod on and get on with it. I am there to make mself look better and that's all there is to it. I always swim afterwards too. Again, I stick my goggles on and get in the water and count down the lengths!


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I just have to add: While our bodies are getting smaller it takes a long time to get rid of the 'fat' from the brain so saying "I will go when I am under x stone" is just putting it off as when you get to under x stone you may not feel in your head smaller than you are now and you will still be comparing yourself to others. Bite the bullet and go now. It will be better for you in the long run
Thank you everone for your reply's i really do want to join.
My local gym is doing an offer at the moment £24.99 a month off peak for the gym, swimming and classes. There's no joining fee and no contract. So i dont think i have anything to lose. (except weight of course lol) I have been a member of a gym before! It was called curves and it was for ladies only... it was £30 a month it was so expensive for what it actually was. I think this is quite reasonable what do you think?xxx


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i think do it hon !! it helps so much and it really changes your body shape plus the exaercise boosts your metabolism
i know im just putting it off...but i am doing excerise, lots of walking, my trampoline and my excerise dvds..so i think i will go swimming when i feel a bit better about myself. I just dont have the confidence to ignore everyone else and not feel self concious. :)


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
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i know confidence is a big thing hon but you need to do this for yourself, and trust me you might think everyone is looking but there not everyone is doing the same as you there own thing.


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I am always self conscious but I surprised myself when I joined the gym by really not worrying about who else was in there. I looked at the skinny fit women and thought, one day I will be like that too!
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I am member of a gym and sometimes go swiming. I think generally folk think 'good for you' if you are on the larger side and making an effort to lose the llbs. The more you go the less self conscious you'll feel. Just remember that all exercise aids your weightloss!
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i think its the same as walking through the door for SW, it's bloody scary first time but once you've done once you know you can do it again:)
Just go for it hun-I go to the gym 3-4 times a week, and try to swim when I can. Once you start going its fine.I had an induction with a great gym instructor, and everytime I'm there he always makes a point of coming over to say hi and see how I'm getting on. Its just the local leisure centre but I ound I really really enjoy it. It gives me a strange buzz to see that after going for 3 weeks I can now run faster and for longer than the 'skinny mins' on the treadmill next to me!!! sadistic or something maybe but I dont care!!
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I think £24.99 is quite a good price, especially if there is no contract or induction fee. I pay £32 for leisure centre membership.

I hated the first gym I went to as it was full of "thinnies"! At the leisure centre people are all shapes and sizes and ages too.
Thank you all for your help and advice.
You'll be pleased to hear i have taken the plunge and joined up.
At £24.99 the offer is running out at the end of the month so i had to act quick!
Just ordered sum new trainers as mine are really old and i very rarely wear them and they smell (too much info) ....
My biggest mission is a sports bra im a 44g (massive i know, and another reason why im self concious at 5 foot 2 as well)
Does anyone have any idea's wear i can pick one up... i really need some support up top lol.
O and i nearly forgot ordered a couple of swim dress things. I had a couple last yr for hol's but they're too big. I just cant wear a normal one them dresses cover you up a lil bit lol...

Thanks again every one

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hiya, there are many websites that do bras in larger cup and back sizes.......I feel your pain, I'm an HH cup!! I like "simply yours" and "boobydoo"
Not cheap though I think about £30 or so....better than a black eye though!!

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