who is going to the fitness launch?

Yep I am going on the Friday and Saturday night as well and staying over in the hotel.

I am really excited about the new exercise bits! It so goes along with the programme in terms of lean muscle protection and also sets the trend for future exercise when the food plans are finished.

It will be great to finally meet you Mike after all this time lol. As you know already met your mum. Also one of my clients emailed me this week with guess what......LOL a link to your blog saying I should read it as she thinks you are amazing. I told her that I had read it and you were a driving inspiration for me too. So you are famous in my neck of the country too. HMMMM or is that infamous lol.
Only joking hun xxx
Can't wait to meet up. Did you do a survival guide for xmas whilst on CD? something in my dim and distant memory tells me you did. If so I would certainly appreciate a little info as I am trying to plan one for my clients.
I did my own little plan for myself so will see what I did with it.