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Who is here! Checking in & starting afresh


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:) I'm here thinking of moving from slimming world to atkins! just trying to figure it our read the book and get inspiration that I can do it! I need a whole new way of eating/thinking as SW just not doing it for me anymore. any advice??


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I'm here :) @kaz3804 People have had great success with both diets, different horses for different courses. Personally I couldn't control my carbs on slimming world. I am so carb sensitive, it would leave me in a constant state of craving carbs all the time. Atkins personally suits me much much better.
Everyone is different :)


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@Marysu thanks for replying - I have set my mind to giving Atkins a strong go from Sunday (hubbie and I have a might away booked this weekend so after that) As much as possible I am going to plan right through the week breakfast lunches and dinners. - if you have any meals/recipes which you find good let me know. I thinking along the lines of
breakfast - egg combinations of omelettes and boiled with/without cheese and spinach - occasional bacon
lunches - protein heavy salad using spinach/rocket as a base leaf (dressing full fat mayo OR oil/vinegar combo) with roast chicken/tuna OR left overs from night before meal
dinners - stir fry meats with kale/mushroom, or roast meats and green veg, slow cooked meats and green veg, fish and veg

snacks - cooked meats/egg/cheese
drinks - WATER (lots!!), nettle and peppermint tea (trying to reduce coffee consumption but may need it!!)

I have given up diet coke (8days and counting now!!) so cant use that so going to stick to my plan of NO artificial sweeteners and see how I go.

approximately How much meat are you eating a day??? portion size?

how long have you been on Atkins?

sorry so many questions but its a total mind set change for me!!


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well done on the 11 off!! @stubbsey did you do it on atkins? any tips?

First day on Atkins today - so far so good (I think)

20 min cross trainer (after overnight fast)

x3 egg and ham "muffins"
x2 black coffee
x3 glasses water

short walk (approx. 15-20 mins)
x2 roast chicken legs + 1 handful of baby spinach and full fat cesear dressing (0.8g carb/tbsp.)

planning dinner as
x2 thin pork loin steaks, kale cheese fresh chilli and olive oil/lemon juice dressing.

does anyone know if we can use a small amount of spring onion/onion?


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Five years ago I done it for two years and kept the weight off, due to my own bad choices I'm back a stone heavier than when I started.
With meat portions it's random. Some days I will have a lot but others I have only a chicken breast or something. Everyday is different especially when you are over the first two weeks, I had to set alarms to eat lol.
My hubby and I have both decided to stop takeaways and eating out, that was my downfall the past 3 years, we were eating out maybe 3 times during the week and twice a day at the weekends. Hopefully save enough for a family holiday and redo 3 rooms in our house :)

Any questions just tag me and I'll help as much as I can. I'll start putting my food diary in my post in the dairies section here x


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thank you @Marysu I am still sticking with it - on day 4 and haven't gone off the plan once (accept a splash of milk in my morning coffee - cut out all others but I NEED it in morning) . However - today I am feeling Bleugh - lethargic, no appetite and really lacking any focus (struggling at work) I had read that around day 4 is where the body starts to react to the change - but to be honest up to now I was coasting along - but def. today feel a bit rotten. hoping to see scales move for inspiration to continue!!


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I usually get that on day two, three and four then it's over. It's like your brain is just fog. It does pass thankfully and won't happen again once you don't have sugar. I hear you on the milk lol, I always had it too. Im now drinking mine black the last few weeks. To be honest I prefer it black but it stains my teeth so I use a whitening treatment once a week. Have you tried soya milk or almond milk? It's really not the same I know but much lower in carbs.
Hi I started on Friday did lose really well back in 2012 and been doing slimming world for a year but weight just goes up and down think it may be like some of you with carb overload. So gonna give a good go keep the post going what are you all eating ?


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I just went up and down as well on slimming world, just didn't work for me at all. I have a diary in diaries section up the top with my food diaries. I just need to get more calories in somehow. Best of luck on your journey :)
Thanks I will have a look ...just a quick question what do we think of butternut squash is it a good choice on atkins?


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Not yet, it has to many carbs for now, as you get closer to your goal you can add things back in.
Thanks I wasn't sure ...shame I've just got into butternut squaffles from Sainsbury's


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Hello all to new faces and familiar names (Stubbsey!) - I'm starting back on LCHF next week, once I rid the house of a few carbs (can't stand waste!).

I'll need your help bigtime folks, because as some of you know I moved to Italy and am surrounded by gorgeous bread, pizzas and pasta :eek::eek::eek:.
I've just started again, have gained 2 stone and need to get rid of that. How are yous all keeping?
Hello! I'm on Atkins four weeks now with an 11lb loss so far, and that's with an unusually social month too! I was starting to get fed up with eating rich food all the time and was looking for inspiration when I found here

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