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Who prefers the old points system???

Hi, I once lost over 5 and half stone with the old points system but can't seem to get "settled" on the new pro points.

I know that in some ways it does have more perks like free fruit and weekly extra points but I found it alot easier working out my points on the old system as you only had to work out the calories and saturated fat.

I just can't always be bothered with having to enter 4 things into a calculator every time I want to work out points value on things.

I must admit that the calculator does seem abit dodgy as well, (must make sure that it registers the decimal point!)

Does anybody else feel the same?:sigh:
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hi there

there are quite a few people on the forums who post regularly who still use "discover" but not me, i'm propoints all the way and loving it! x
I like the new plan, I dont seem to feel as hungry as I am making wiser choices, also my calc is crap so I use the app on my phone, loads better and others think you are texting so thats a bonus.

Have a go, read as much as you can, it gets better the longer you do it.


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yep I'm a big fan of the new system as well - I didn't lose weight under the old one and the stuff I eat seemed to be higher in points even though it was healthier. It meant I had to restrict my intake more and was always hungry.

The new system fits with me a lot better and I've rarely been hungry so far.

I gave up on the calculator though and use my phone app as well - years ago the calculators used to have a database in them which was much better than the new ones that just do the calculation.


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I'm a BIG MASSIVE pp fan. I lost weight really well on Discover, but PP is just SOOOO much more managable. I just lost the plot constantly on Discover. You definitely get more food day to day on PP if you make the right decisions.

My losses are less than they were on discover but I've got other significant changes in my life since I did discover to say that's what caused it. It takes a lot of time and a lot of trial and error to get yourself on a balanced regime with it, and making sure everything you count is right, making sure you aren't eating too much fruit or veggies.

Weightwatchers seems to have passed a lot more onus on the "dieter" to get it right rather than in the old plan where it was.... here's the plan.... it works and if you follow it you will lose. Now you have to be all grown up and make the right decisions in your "diet"
i also preferred the old plan! BUT as all the packaging in shops is changing to propoints & i want to get back to meeting in september as thats when my daughter starts nursery (shes very loud!) & the meetings will be all propoint based, so im trying pp at home but with not much success! goodluck x



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i prefer Propoints, i don't feel hungry but on discover i was constantly hungry and having to make 0 point soups.

just checked my old ww card and in 20 weeks on it i had lost 26.5lbs.

in 15 weeks on propoints i've lost 20.5lb, i reckon the losses will be very similar for me.

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