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wholegrain wraos


Starting over again......

I'm considering joining SW and am thinking about work lunches and what is convenient/practical for me to prepare the night before. I make my son wraps - the multigrain ones, generally with quite healthy fillings. How many points/syns is a wrap? I'm guessing chicken and lettuce would be free and I'd count for a teaspoon or two of low fat mayo?
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Mission Deli Multigran Wraps are 9.5 syns each.

A bit steep but there are alternatives...

If you shop at Asda their Wholemeal Pitta Breads can be used as a healthy extra (b).

Small brown bread rolls are also HEb

Alternatively my friend used to buy the Tesco Roasted Vegetable Cous Cous pots... they are only 1 syn on a green or EE day. I'm sure the other super markets have similar things. If you have a kettle you can eat as they are or as my friend used to make a salad the night before (all the normal Free Food stuff with maybe some ham slices) then cook one of those pots, fluff it up and leave to cool and add to the salad. She used to then take a separate bottle of dressing to make it a tad more exciting. Leave it in the fridge overnight and it shouldn't go soggy as there isn't any dressing on it.

Alternatively if you have time and a kettle at work, there are various mugshots which are either free or have quite low values on G or EE, which you can eat straight out of the mug.

I also deliberately make more than I need for dinners so I can have left over lunches, but I have a microwave at work which helps. Or I make soup and tuppaware it for lunches and the freezer...

Sometimes you have to be a bit inventive with your lunches if you want to use your HE's elsewhere but that doesn't mean spending lots of time in the morning making lunch for that day :)


Starting over again......
Yes in the past I've made salads. Trouble is by the time I've got in at night and sorted the kiddie out and washed up our lunch things from that day, I just want easy and I hate preparing salad, can't bear all the chopping.

Oh bum. Do you get 15 sins a day though? My other food tends to be cereals and fruit. Also on a work night I don't tend to cook a meal as its so late, so leftovers aren't an option.

Thanks for your help though. Maybe its not the right diet for me. Despair!
Yeah you do get 15 syns a day. I do find with a lot of diets though that forward planning and preparation are key though. I'd always say it's worth a try but I love it. My mother in law did it with me first time round and she's a paramedic with very odd hours and skipped breaks etc and she managed it. Best to find something that suits you and that you can get enthusiastic about though, that'll increase your chances of success :)

Ooo thanks circes! I didn't know about them!

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