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whos body do you admire?


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just wondering.

i just adore P!nk, her music, her style and her attitude lol

i do like Rita Simons (roxy mitchell from eastenders) again i love her style.

so i think that any of these ladies bodys r gorgeous and im hoping mine to be as awesome if not better than theres lol

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Hayley 22

would like to be slim
Fergie from Black Eyed Peas!


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Urm i am not sure, If i had to pick i would say Mariah Carey, i think her body is amazing. But really i wouldnt mind having any body as long as i was slim and looked nice lol. :D xxx


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Jessi Wallice (Eastenders Kat)
I think she looks amazing since she lost the weight.
I wonder how she really did it, lol.


She's me in a few months
Beyonce. Has anyone seen the vid with Lady Gaga in it? I love Lady Gaga also but she looks like a skinny little runt next to Beyonce, B looks awesome!

Love Pink and Rita Simons too. And Shakira's pretty hot!


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Diana Ross in the Chain Reaction video - that long silver fish tail dress - I want I want I want!


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I would like cheryl coles face, kelly brookes boobs, j-lo's booty and the rest beyonce
Instead I have been blessed with the body of the nutty professor!!


Gone fishing
Whos body do I admire? Mine! Mine! Mine!

It's absolutely amazing. It's still plodding on even after all the rotten things I've done to it over the years.

Heart still ticks, lungs still go in and out (that's amazing in itself). Skin still attached :clap: Yay!

I'm so impressed, I'm going to give it a Lifetime Achievement Award which will last...well...probably a lifetime :D


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Good answer KD! My first response to who's body do I want was to say "Brad Pitt please" till I read on and understood the question, ha ha!
Somewhat inclined to agree with Tasha, a slim, healthy and admirable body would be most welcome.

Me thinks Kimberley from Girls Aloud, curvaceous size 12, and would like the shimmering gold dress from The Promise video.
And as an added bonus, Alexice and I could do a cabaret act in our glittery gowns, lol!


She's me in a few months
Had to google Tracy Anderson! Yip, she's fit. :D


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I think Holly Willoughby has the perfect body, all curves, boobs and bum.
I'd love to have her figure.


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Kim Kardashian :p :p

Trim T

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have to agree echo... Megan Fox is stunning! But to be honest i don't think there's anyone i idolise. I just want to be a slimmer much more toned me x


Size 14 here i come!
Agree with scooterchick, it has to be the big B, she is stunning!