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Who's having a BBQ today?

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Me!! Anyone else? Such nice sunshine...long time coming too. Been waiting for sun for ages!

Red day all the way today. had chicken breast, sausages, venison and wild boar kebabs, salad, roast peppers, mozzarella and tomato salad...oh I LOVE bbqs!!

Happy bank holiday everyone :D
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wild boar!!!!! where u get that from??? sounds interesting lol :)


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Wahoo - barbie season! Had one last night and hubby just firing it up for tea tonight! Having steak marinated in cajun spices, mackerel and sausages - yummy! Loving that Red Day thang!!!!


Slow but sure....
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Hi there, we are not having a BBQ today - but a neighbour is and the smell of their sausages cooking are driving me mad......:drool: LOL....


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we are!
new potato salad with fat free yogurt and mint dressing, steak, home made burgers, chicken, and pork loin, hey there are 5 of us!!


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Do you all just scoff the meat or do you syn / use HEBs for rolls etc?
We don't own a BBQ but wish we did!
I took the kids to my brothers BBQ today (nothing synfree except diet coke) so was very good - feeling VERY proud myself - I had ONE sausage in an unbuttered roll with squirt of ketchup AND the end piece of a garlic bread - LOL. I declined fried onions, burgers, extra sausages, crisps etc..... feeling very glad I did as weigh in tomorrow!



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We had a barbecue today and this is what I made. I tried to think of it as a mix and match or extra easy not sure which. I also had three vodka (25ml) and Coke Zero.

Chicken Kebabs - Out of slimming world Mag.
Homemade burgers, one thin slice of hm bread minced up, spring onions, few herbs and spices and an egg.

potato salad - my concoction, new pots, eggs, spring onions, celery. I also mixed together fat free yoghurt with about 1.5 tbsp of extra light mayo and 1/2tsp mustard poweder.

Gammon Steaks- marinaded them in lemon, lime, soy, garlic, ginger, wholegrain mustard.

quorn sausages - first time ever - not bad at all - cumberland version.

Lamb Steaks - au natural.

king prawns - marinaded in lemon lime garlic crushed peppers - didn't touch these don't do fish.

boston baked beans - fried off some red and normal onion in frylight, added about 50g minced steak, squirt honey, barbecue sauce, brown sugar, paprika, chilli powder and two tins baked beans

tesco finest coleslaw - had about 30g

ribs - honey, barbecue sauce, old bay seasoning (my own made up) salt and pepper - only had three of these.

Now I am actually feeling peckish so off for some leftovers.
S: 11st3.0lb C: 11st7.0lb G: 9st7.0lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: -0st4lb(-2.55%)
I had all meaty stuff Poppyowner...then used HEB for some bread, had lots of salad. HE-A for cheese.

Sounding gorgeous food folks. Loving it...


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I can't wait to have my first BBQ on Slimming World. Unfortunately I'd bought a chicken for roasting a couple of days ago so we couldn't have a BBQ today. However, we still sat outside to eat our Sunday roast.

Slimming World was designed for BBQs, all the meat you could want completely guilt free. And if you go Extra Easy you can have loads of yummy pasta and rice salads to go with it. Save up your syns and you can have a few of glasses of wine as well. Absolutely perfect. :)


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We had a bbq yesterday.
Ate a Quorn peppered steak - not sure if it is free must check on SW site later also had 2 quorn sausages, rice salad and some potato salad (must syn this as hubby used ordinary mayo) oh and a snall glass of wine.
Lovely - SW is definately bbq friendly.:p


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We've had a few lately, as soon as the sun comes out, out comes the BBQ.

I've been making Jerk chicken - jerk seasoning, lime juice, chili, spring onions.
piri piri chicken - PP spice, lemon juice
BBQ ribs - Lean ribs boiled with peppercorns, star anise, few cloves. Then drained & covered in 1bs ketchup, 1tbs tomato puree, soy sauce, salt/pepper, worcestershire sauce. Reallllly tasty! Boiling first helps flavour and keep tender.

Couscous salad with cherry toms/spring onion/cucumber/fresh mint
Turkish cabbage with lemon juice, salt and 1tbs olive oil (HEB)
Brown rice salad with sweetcorn, shredded raddish & carrots and spring onion, dressed with 1tbs olive oil (6 syns between many ppl) and wine vinegar.

All fine on EE!! And a few syns for wine, love it love it!

Perfect for entertaining :D

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