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Who's that girl?

Do any of you still see the "old you" before weightloss peering back at you somedays when you look into the mirror? I think it is crazy bad body dismorphe playing tricks on me, but somedays I see the old me peering back, instead of the new fit & fabulous me!
But then I try on an old pair of pants and realize, NAW, thats just my mind playing tricks on me.
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I def don't see the me that fits into the tiny clothes hanging in my wardrobe...! If I pick something from a rack in a shop, I have to force myself to pick the small stuff, cos in my head I'm a few sizes bigger! ...very odd, but glad it's not just me :)
I wonder how long it takes to get used to our new size???
I can relate. Sometimes when I go clothes shopping, I still reach for the size 10 or 12, then I remember oh yeah I am a 9 and sometimes 8 NOWADAYS, so strange indeed, but I always grab the 10/12's still... go figure?

Deb G

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Yep - and she always looks so sad in the photographs....poor love!

I can't get used to seeing my waist in the mirrow - and not holding my tummy in when walking past shop windows! But the thing I really CAN'T connect with AT ALL is my legs. When I'm sat down and look down at them - they look like my mum's legs (who is skinny) not mine! They used to fill the width of the car seat - but now there is a gap where the fat should be! I just can't get used to it at all!!!!!
Whew, glad to know I am not the only one..

Lil K

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I feel like this pretty much all of the time - I'm just hoping that my brain will catch up with my body enventually. However I agree with KD that when I catch site of myself unexpectedly - for a split second I don't know who that slim person is!

The other day when I was at work, I'd popped to the loo , then sat back down at my desk. I had such a jolt because it felt like my trousers had come undone :eek: - when I checked I realised they hadn't come undone, they were just too loose, and I've been used to clothes digging and pinching at me for so long. What a relief - and then a little smile crept on my face, and I had a warm feeling inside:)
Ah lil K cute story, nice to get that warm cozy feeling inside. Your doing fabulous thus far and I am sure you look great. What have you been eating to get your tongue so blue? Blueberries? Vegas huh? Have fun in sin city. Remember what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! That is what the commercials here always say... It is a great place to visit..

Lil K

Addicted to Minimins
S: 16st1lb C: 12st4lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 28.6 Loss: 3st11lb(23.56%)
Hi Flower

The blue tongue is as a result of a blue raspberry slush puppie drink I had one hot summers day a couple of years ago! I like the set of photo's that this one comes from because they were taken on our 2nd wedding anniversary. We spent the day in Stratford on Avon and it was boiling hot, so we had a lovely day strolling about, lazing on deck chairs in the park, and walking along the river bank (and drinking slush puppies :D)

I absolutely luuuurve Vegas, and this will be my third trip in as many years. Because of the distance (10hr+ flight) me and my hubby stay for two weeks at a time. The look on the face of the clerk at the hotel check in desk is priceless when they know we're staying that long. The cab driver told us last time that most americans manage a couple of days at a time and thats it!

Can't wait to get out there this time and hit the outlet malls in a big way and go mad on a clothes shopping spree. Whenever I've been before it's always been a case of - what do they have in my size first? - then do I like any of it? I've usually then settled on footwear (cos it always fits, no matter what size I am :eek:), jewellery, bath and body works stuff (how fantastic is that place?) and perfume.

I also plan to buy myself a white gold and diamond right hand ring, to reward myself for finally shedding the weight that has troubled me for so long. The jewellery over there is so cheap in comparison to the UK - even after paying UK customs duty & import VAT, so it would be rude NOT to purchase something ;). By September (when I go) I should be well into maintainence then, and then I will truely deserve it :)
Sounds like a slurpee as we call those here in the usa.

Heck yeah 1 weekend in LasVegas is more than enough for most Americans, me included. Vegas does have some fabulous shows even though they are pricey, and not to mention things you don't see everyday in the uk albeit either.

Ah yes It is a gambling mecca that also has shopping galore. But to be honest, I am not the fondest of the street guys and gals working for their cha-ching! That part of Vegas is so sleezy to me....

Have a fabulous trip and shop on girl, you deserve it!!!


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oh i used to love slush puppies! i remember when they came out, i was one of the first people i knew to have one. i must have been about 9 or 10 or something:eek: And wham bars, the higher the number the more tangy they were, memories memories!! I would eat slush puppies and wham bars wearing my gold star bobbly headband believeing i looked so cool:cool:

anyway, as for me, i think i have unexpected days and predicteable days -- the unexpected days are those where you catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror and you think am i only that wide? And the predicteable days are when you catch a glimpse of yourself and you think god i'm wide!! i think it was better when i avoided catching glimpses of myself.:rolleyes:
Way coolio I am envisioning you in the bobbly headband, you were stylish :airquote: way back then sounds like....

Good days and bad days I hear ya loud and clear on that one! sorta like this :devilangel:

I am still a frozen turd! :gen125:

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