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Why add a meal on week 5?

Hi, i did not think you had to add a meal until week 12 - but used to be max of 5 weeks on total solution - but now 12 weeks is max? Think the reason is because of general health concerns - I think I remember reading somewhere about possible hair loss after 12 weeks?
I have had a few weeks where i have added a meal just for a day or two - very low carb, high protien & low fat - it has not caused too much devesation - but I have not done a whole week with adding a meal yet - now you mention it I am confused as well - I will have to go back to my little booklet and check!


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its week 5 if you didnt get the docs permission.
In W8 we added a meal every day for wk4! Very strict amounts of protien and green veg! I think it was something to do with metabolism!
glad I'm not the only one who is confused with the add a meal thing!!! after four weeks I'll only just be getting used to no food!!! Lol
It's suprising how quickly you get used to not eating - but then its also suprising how quickly you get used to eating again as well! When I did add a meal week properly I was not careful enough and ended up with a small gain at the end of the week, but had a good loss the week after, so maybe it does sort of kick-start the metabolism again?

Good luck Shimmystar.
It might be worth making this a sticky!!

I believe the purpose of Adding a meal is to give your metabolism a wee boost!

AAM on W8 (onother VLCD) is as follows:

The correct way to use the following to make up ONE meal per day everyday for 1 week. It is NOT a list of items you can eat throughout the day.

3oz of the following:
skinless chicken breast (= not even a full one)
Lean ham, pork or Bacon - all visable fat removed!!
Plain Cottage cheese (low fat)
oily fish salmon/mackerel/sardines
lean mince (chicken, turkey or pork only)
1 medium egg - boiled or poached (not fried)
white fish/cod/shellfish/prawns/tuna(fresh/tinned in brine or water)

Unimited (at that meal)

Broccoli, chicory, bamboo shoots, lettuce, spinich, asparagus, courgettes, fresh garlic, Balsamic Vinegar, alfalfa sprouts, rasishes, cauliflower, watercress, celery, fennel, marrow, herbs, tabasco, peppers, cucumber, leeks, rocket, cabbage, pakchoi, mushrooms, spices, salt and pepper.

Stay away from tomatoes and onions - high carb!!

I use a 1/2 pack to make sauce - e.g. thai to make a stirfry and serve it with mashed cauliflower

By sticking to the above you will remain in ketosis and it shouldn't affect your weightloss too much!

Good luck!
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Thanks geebb - as I said, when I did it I was not careful enough - also used onions & tomatoes quite a bit - they seem to be the basis of a lot of my cooking! I know now to be really strict and not treat it as though I am off the diet for a week - its just a different phase of the diet.

Good luck to everyone out there when they reach their next AAM week.
So its week 5 you do this. By eating and keeping to the rules do you go out of k. I remember something on LL that they advised you had to add milk to your shakes, cant remeber what week, but you didnt have to if you didnt want to.
Do you have the meal instead of a pack/bar or as well as?
I dont know for certain but I was thinking that if you're just having fluids for weeks on end without digesting any foods then it might be to prevent problems with your intestine/bowels?
Its my theory anyway. :)
Hi, I will be at the end of week 4 tomorrow. Can someone please confirm if tomorrow I now need to add a meal a day for the rest fo the week?

Do I have to have all 3 packs still per day or can I just have 2 packs and a meal?

Thank you.
I thought it was 2 packs and then a 600 cal meal using ingredients listed above. This takes you to 1000 for a week long period, before going back down to 600 cals for another 4 weeks? I'm quite looking forward to the Working Solutions week! I might well stand corrected however when I go through the cravings again to get back into total solutions!!
The meals are only to comply with NICE Guidelines. I.e. if you wants your GP support or be supported if anything goes wrong... Which i doubt, but you never know!


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Hello everyone,
this is a great site. I appreciate all the openness, willingness to share - and the absence of judgemental comments.
I am now on day 4! and no longer hungry.
My energy levels are improving and I don't relish adding meals - but is the end of any social life?
I'm still a bit confused. On CD you can go 12 weeks if you want, right? Then you do the add a meal week, then you go back. I remember a story in the news about 3 years ago where a woman was on her liquid diet for 6 months straight and she died of a heart attack, so there's obvs a reason why you add a meal, but I want to know if it is safe to do Exante for 12 weeks. I guess the 12 weeks is if you had your doctor's permission. As long as you weren't going to go below your BMI of 25 in that 12 week time frame, then I don't see why it wouldn't be
On the Exante web-site, it says add a meal week every for weeks. I would take advantage of their customers service and write to get confirmation from them.

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