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why am I finding this so hard, week 2

I feel totally fed up with feeling hungry. I was rather hoping this would pass. Its the evenings expecially. I try to keep busy doing things, watch my favourite tv, on here..

But Im finding this a nightmare. I read the storys with such inspiration and still am struggling at the thought of another week. The WI's without doubt are motivation, but its this constant hunger.

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You shouldn't really be physically hungry by this point, is it more psychological hunger, do you think? I know that there are certain things that make me think I'm hungry. TBH, I was pretty obsessed with food for the first three weeks (browsing Flickr looking at pictures of food, haha...) but, it honestly will pass! Keep your water up if it's physical hunger & maybe try changing the times you have your shakes - if you find the evening difficult maybe have your shakes later?

Stay strong! Look at how well you've done so far! Good luck :)



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I felt the same at weeks 2 and 3 but after that it just becomes a part of your life and you dont think to eat. That is how it is with me at the moment. It is hard I know but it will get better just hang in there.

Also week 2 is when you start feeling and noticing the difference :) You see your face getting smaller and clothes just feeling lose. That will help you carry on.


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some times it can take you a bit longer to be so into ketosis that you don't feel the hunger (according to my chemist, anyway) It should peter out soon and you will feel better. Do you take in enough water during the day. I find the sparkling water fills me up more and is a nice change from the regular water all day. You could also have soda water if that suited.
Wishing you all the best.
Thank you all, yes I try very much to have plenty of water, so much so my headaches have all but disappeared (ive suffered for years!!)
I am so hoping I can do this... I will stay in touch

Excellent advice from Hannah, Jesi and Doirin. I think the hunger is as Hannah says more psychological. You know the old saying 'You always crave what you can't have'. Think of food as something you don't need at the minute. I get over my craving by cooking! I hated cooking before and now I absolutely adore it and even get off on the smells of food cooking! I feel all power being able to cook delicious without actually eating them. Makes me feel big and clever and proud of myself!

Swapping the times of your shake might help? Picturing yourself at your goal weight and how happy you will be when you get there should keep you going. Imagine how proud you'll feel knowing you did it through such hard work and determination.

*Hugs* for you and keep at it.


I will be skinny again!!!
I cant add much more than what has been said

but hang in there, you can do it xxxx


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Hiya Lisa... sorry to hear you are feeling this way... I agree with the others that it deffo sounds psychological... & I guess it's like smoking fags... you get cravings associated with situations / habits etc.

Try breaking your routine & doing something new at the certain times you feel hungry (going for a walk or even walking up & down the stairs for 10 mins) to see if that helps :)

Also it's reckoned that 'hunger' in the main is actually thirst... slug away at the water to see if that sates your pangs :)

Good luck x

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