Why am i hungry on day 6?!

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Lolagirl80, 23 July 2012 Social URL.

  1. Lolagirl80

    Lolagirl80 Full Member


    why has my tummy started rumbling on day 6 - does it think if i get too day 7 it will be rewarded with food?!


    Lola x
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  3. Toria 1

    Toria 1 Full Member

    How much water are you drinking a day? :)
  4. jenm

    jenm Full Member

    I'm I day 3 & my tummy is gurgling! Don't think it's hunger though....
  5. korbendallas

    korbendallas Full Member

    Are you sure its hunger ? the mind is far more powerful than the body and it was only when (by accident) I went almost an entire day without packs and just water I realised I actually wasn't hungry and it was just a psychological remnant from my old lifestyle.
  6. Lolagirl80

    Lolagirl80 Full Member

    i drink about 8-9 pints a day - always been a big water drinker! i think (maybe TMI here!) that im due on could this affect me feeling hungry?!
  7. Rider

    Rider Banned

    I'm on totm at the mo and I have definitely felt hungry! Tummy rumbles and everything. I'm in my 4th week so I haven't understood it either! I am a big water drinker too, I manage 4-5 litres a day no probs :) bloody tummy needs to stop complaining! I'm really craving vegetables right now I even had a green bean yesterday I felt so desperate lol. I go through different cravings... Does anyone else get cravings for things they wouldn't normally crave?

  8. Lolagirl80

    Lolagirl80 Full Member

    Omg I am craving smoked salmon! Only have it once a year at xmas but want it all the time now!
  9. jenm

    jenm Full Member

    Funny you say that I've just fed the dogs & they had smoked salmon on their biscuits and I can smell it! Was just thinking it would be lovely but no doubt wouldn't have tasted as good as it smelt!

    Always the same on food packs you crave something but then if you have it, it never tastes as good as you think it's gonna be then you feel rotten after for having ate it lol

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