why am i nervous???

maxine uk

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ok once again its monday morning and wi is just an hour away, ive been 100% done my excersie and yet once again i have butterflies, i thought it was because i have 1.5lbs to reach my 4stones 7lb lose so far mark but it happens every week.. i know i have a long journey ahead of me
so am i alone or does this happen to you??
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I will succeed!!!
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I always feel 'nervous' before WI regardless on my week or expectations. I think it's natural - we all want to succeed and it's in a way, like a watered down feeling of when you get the results of an exam or test. Each week is a little test in a way.

Good luck - hope you achieve your goal in 4.5stone...that's amazing. Inspiration! xxx


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I do always get this but sometimes its an excited nervousness, butterflies if i know ive stuck to it 100% maybe thats what your feeling or do you dread it? I never dread it, more anxious to know

maxine uk

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S: 18st7.5lb G: 10st7.5lb
no im not dreading it (i think) the group is very supportive and as im the "joker" of the group i manage to make others smile, i always get a big clap and hugs which is lovely too
im thinking about being a consaltant myself at the end of the year so i want to really enjoy what im doing..

Mrs V

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I always feel apprehensive before weigh in and Im doing the plan from home! Lol.
Its perfectly normal to feel like this Hun.
Good luck and I hope you reach your next goal mark!



I am one of the 63336
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I think the fact you get butterflies is an inidcation that you still 'want' this. Good for you xx

maxine uk

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S: 18st7.5lb G: 10st7.5lb
happy to report a 1lb lose so .5 for that 4.5stones award bring it on :banana dancer:


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Well done on your loss. You're definitely an inspiration to us all!!! X


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well done on your loss. I think your ability to make people smile is a wonderful gift to have if you want to be a consultant. I know that if I had a bad WI I would want a consultant who could talk to me and make me smile!


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Oh god i get nervous the two days proceeding! Its probably because i gained weight last week...:(


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i still get nervous and am extra nervous this week as i sts last week and i was 100% on plan was * week tho and was on wii fit tonight and it says i had put on 2 lbs grr but will have to see what tomorrow brings :sigh: